Is Receiving Better Than Giving?

I just drew you in with one of the greediest questions a person could ask. What kind of selfish moron am I?

I’m not talking about gifts here, mind you.

Rather, we need to be more accepting of the things that people try to give us, but which so many reading this are quick to reject.

Humans have a strange willingness to give, yet not receive.

Even though as individuals, we do NEED each other to survive and thrive in this crazy world.

Here’s 4 things you need to start receiving right away, without any desire to reject or even reciprocate (Ie., Dawg, you better take that bone that’s given to you right now!):

Better to receive than give?

1. Love and Praise

Rejecting love from family, friends, coworkers — fans — is something we’ve all been taught in some way or another.

It could be due to the fact that others have rejected you so mucstatements a person can makeh on this front that you’ve become tired of trying, and so don’t feel deserving of receiving it.

Doesn’t matter, you really do deserve it.

This article delves into the science behind what romantic love does to the brain, but fear not, the same effects take place with true love in the form of family and friends, too.

Praise is really no different — when you’re open to it, the heart starts to flutter, a smile appears, and the lift you get (from receiving what they’re giving) stays with them a long time afterwards.

2. Support and Guidance

You need to receive the support offered to you by the people in your life and career without questioning it.

Receiving support and guidance is much less selfish than you might think, too.

Giving, as we all know, is better than receiving — in most cases — and you’re actually helping whomever chooses to carry some of the load feel better about themselves.

There are likely a few in your life who’d be happy to lend a helping hand if you’d only ask, or willingly receive it when offered.

But (and I’m one of them) most of us have a knee-jerk reaction and say “no” the minute support is offered.

I think it’s the fear of “what will I have to do in return” that gets most of us — then again, some people are just narcissists, too!

Support, in the form of help and guidance to get us from one point to the next, regardless of the journey in front of us, is a necessity in life.

It doesn’t matter if you know the solution already, humor them and watch their self esteem grow!

If you don’t know the answer to a problem, or can’t lift a big package into your vehicle on your own, don’t count on it as a failure on your part.

Accept that you occasionally need others and embrace this element of the human condition.

3. Gifts and Other Acts of Kindness

Gifts are hard for many people to receive.

Particularly when someone who you’ve never exchanged gifts with before decides to drop one on your lap suddenly, seemingly for no reason.

The mind reels with questions: Why are they giving me this? Why didn’t I do this for them first? What am I going to get them to reciprocate? Are they trying to butter me up for something here?

Just get over it and receive that which is offered.

Even the simplest gift like a freshly baked cookie when you’re a guest in someone’s home is considered rude in most cultures.

Humans like to share, and believe it or not, when you reject a gift or feel obliged to return the favor right away, the initial purpose of giving you something gets lost.

Accept the gifts you’re given, regardless of what form they come in.

To do otherwise is selfish and worse, rejecting a small gift today may stop an even bigger gift from being offered tomorrow.

act of kindness
Image Credit: Brandon Warren/Flickr

4. Respect and Compassion

We all deserve respect and feel stilted when we realise others don’t have a high opinion of us.

Yet, when it’s given, we so rarely know how to receive it.

I used to have a huge problem in this area, using sarcasm to cover up my lack of knowing how to respond and the discomfort that feeling caused.

Fact is, a smile and a “thank you” is all that’s needed in most situations where respect is given.

Even if you don’t think you deserve it.

Same for compassion, which is essentially the same thing but goes a little deeper — more raw and personal sometimes.

Don’t be that narcissistic fool that rejects compassion because you don’t believe the person offering it has ever stood in your shoes.

Everyone struggles, regardless their station in life — compassion is what separates us from ruthless predators like crocodiles!

After reading this, will you be more open to receiving from others moving forward?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about this post.

Main Image Credit: lauren rushing/Flickr