Achieve More Confidence With These Simple Life Hacks

In a world dominated by social media, it’s really hard for a lot of people to feel confident about themselves. There’s plenty of hot dudes and gals, high profile business personalities, and just plain exciting people living amazing lives. Then, there’s the people we actually see and interact with. There are lots of things that can get in the way of healthy self confidence.

You do need to be confident, too. As confident as your spirit will allow you to be. Not everyone can, or wants to rule the world, but even a little extra self confidence can help just about anyone push ahead a little further in life. Here’s some fast and simple hacks almost anyone can use to boost their self confidence — which will affect how you’re perceived by others and your ability to execute on ideas.


Stand up straight.

Not only does standing up straight benefit your spine. Not only does it not make you look like a tired caveman/woman. There’s actually scientific merit to the fact that standing straight and tall (sitting straight, too) actually makes you more confident. Just think of how you view your favorite celebrities while they walk down the red carpet, or when you see a confident achiever like Tony Robbins sitting up straight as a board during an interview.

They do it because they’re confident — the star of the show. Stand up taller and you’ll immediately feel different. If you’ve ever watched much of Robbins, you might recall one of his earlier “cassettes” where he compared several factors in life to coming down to a matter of inches. Such as the level of attractiveness can come down to how many inches separate or eyes — and — how raising your head just an inch taller can boost your confidence and make people respect you more.

Buy a new wardrobe.

Perhaps with some contemporary expertise on the subject of fashion, if you don’t have a clue what’s in. I’m not saying you have to be a follower, but looking like you belong can really boost your confidence. Even just wearing newer clothes can make you feel like people think you’re broke or a slob. Walk into a trendy store and ask the people working there what they think works on you and your body type/age.

Start exercising today.

Then, once you’ve started, don’t stop! Exercise helps burn off extra cortisol (stress hormones) after a tough, inactive day at a desk. It’s also a positive way to start the day and gets confidence-boosting endorphins running through your bloodstream. I won’t go into this in detail. We all know how important it is, even if it’s just a brisk walk. I will say that Brazilian Jujitsu is a great form of activity for boosting confidence — it’s a discipline that breaks you down at first, but all the problem-solving and learning how to stay calm in tight quarters makes everyone who sticks with it more calm.

Start communicating with positive gestures (if you don’t already).

Gestures are very important. Consider their roles in public speaking, and the impact that speaker has on an audience. Gestures actually boost the energy in the room, even if that “room” is you and one other person standing on a street corner talking for the first time. Just make sure you read up on how to do this properly if you’re new to the positive gesture game. Timing is critical. Throwing your hands up in the air might be great when you’re being given great news, but it will have the opposite affect if you’re being critical or being critized by someone else.

Leap outside your comfort zone.

I hate to say this one, because so few of you are actually going to listen. This one is the hardest of all the tips because you can’t really buy it most times. Unless you’ve always wanted to hunt a grizzly bear and you need to go buy all the stuff (gun, licence, tag, guide, etc.), leaping outside your comfort zone to gain confidence usually involves approaching people. Perhaps talking to your crush who lives down the hall? Maybe for you it means making some cold calls to find a mentor, or new customers? What ever it is, this is the biggest of all confidence builders.

Do even one of these things today, my friends, and you’ll surely eek out at least a little more confidence than you woke up with yesterday morning.