Top 10 Affiliate Programs to Choose in 2018

What we know as affiliate network is that which acts as an intermediary between the marketers who sell their services and products and the merchants who create these affiliate programs. Affiliate network services include payment, exchange, tracking orders, reporting, delivery, refund process and they deal with the large base of publishers or affiliate marketers.

The problem with the affiliate marketing sector is choices.  There are literally thousands of affiliate programs to join.  The big question becomes: How can I choose the best for my business?

Amazon Associates affiliate program

10 recommended affiliate programs to join

The top affiliate programs are as follows – don’t worry, there’s no affiliate links here; this list is just purely informational :)

1. Amazon associates

It’s a very common name in the arena of online websites. It is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company. The headquarters is in Washington, Seattle. Being the largest online retailer, the Amazon associates gives you a vast opportunity of dealing a wide variety of products.

2. ShareASale

This is an affiliate marketing network. It is in business for 15 years. This is quite famous amongst the online retailers. Even their reputation is honest and fair in the business arena.

3. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is the #1 ranked affiliate software on the market and is very easy to set up. It connects with virtually any website or payment gateway and currently trusted by more than 30,000 businesses around the world. Post Affiliate Pro features scalability, rock-solid tracking, endless amount of customization options and grows exactly with your needs.

4. EBay

For over 20 years eBay has been online with an affiliate network and they tend to offer high rated first-grade tools, tracking, and reporting.

5. Commissionfactory

Their main motive is to conduct performance-based marketing and make it feasible and available to all persons. This network had helped to develop a cordial connection between the agencies, affiliates, and merchants. They want to have a very mutually useful and prosperous business relationship amongst them that can foster the growth of business altogether. By creating a huge growing user base, they enabled the companies of all sizes and volumes to join and discover the power and result of performance marketing. They give a very unique mode of online marketing procedure by which success can be reached faster.

6. Avangate

The name of avangate is very famous in the arena of digital commerce. They have their focus mainly on online commerce backed by a cloud platform. They deal with global payments and subscription billing. They have successfully won the trust of more than 4,000 digital businesses across 180 nations such as HP Software, Telestream, Kaspersky Lab, Brocade, Bitdefender, FICO, and Absolute Software.

Affiliate marketing


This premium affiliate network has been able to build mutually beneficial terms between trustworthy online publishers and a robust portfolio of more than 5000 famous and well-known advertisers. They have an experience of above 10 years in this affiliate marking industry. They provide good customer services with an array of optimized data delivery tools along with fast and dependable payment methods. This network is very flexible in their method of providing service.


It is actually an industry-leading platform for the affiliate referrals. They help in rapid implementation of brand new technology and tools. The unique nature of them is that they focus on quality rather than quantity and give an unyielding emphasis.

9. RevenueWire

This Company is specially designed for the digital products seller who carries out their business via online marketing. More than 120 nations worldwide have supported this company and made them a pro in industry-leading service and helped to generate a global e-commerce platform.

10. ReviMedia

It is an online lead generation network who is specialized in owned and operated fields like insurance, home services, and financial verticals. is their proprietary lead management platform. Since they are very flexible therefore they are able to run campaigns with all different.

Affiliate marketing program

What’s your favorite?

So, there you go – ten affiliate programs you should consider joining for growing your business.  Which one is the best among them? Please share it with us.