The Power of Using Good SEO to Build Your Dental Practice

At one time, building a strong and successful dental practice required little more than investments in yellow page advertising, billboards, and other print, marketing materials. Today, more than ever, print media have been replaced by dental marketing companies such as Solution21 that provide specialized digital marketing services to dentists.

In the digital age, dentists have to have an online presence. Just as important as building a website is optimizing this platform for search engines. Not only does this ensure that clients and prospective clients can find your website, but it additionally helps expedite the conversion process.

Quality SEO can play a major role in shaping consumer opinions, educating prospects, and helping you gain more loyal patients.

Dentist in his office

Using Content To Put Your Patients’ Minds At Ease

Going to the dentist isn’t something that most people are all that excited about. Fortunately, one of the largest parts of optimizing for search engines is creating a lot of high-value and needs-specific content. This means that SEO gives you the chance to put consumers’ minds at ease concerning the very services and treatments you supply.

Whether writing articles for third-party platforms or blog posts for your own website, you can tell people about the different options in pain management, non-invasive procedures, and preventative strategies that currently exist. Not only will this generate human attention for your practice, but high-interest articles will invariably garner the attention of search engine robots as well.

Establishing Industry Authority

When you craft high-value, sharable content for your audience, you’re also setting yourself apart as an industry authority. Some dentists merely list their services and the types of insurances they accept. Others, however, go out of their way to answer common questions and to allay common concerns. Their willingness to share this information helps set them apart as industry authorities.

When people get ready to choose dentists, they’ll usually align themselves with professionals who appear both knowledgeable and willing to share the knowledge they possess. Your expertise will also make you seem infinitely more trustworthy than any of your competitors who are doing little more than offering lists of the treatments provided.

Providing A Comprehensive And User-Friendly Platform That People Love Visiting

Beyond writing plenty of content for your SEO campaigns, you also have to consider the technical side of these endeavors. Good dental website design is vital for appeasing both search engines and general web users. Your pages should be coded properly, quick to load, filled with attractive images and other visuals, and easy to navigate.

Quality website design can even include features and functions that make it infinitely more convenient to work with your practice. For instance, some practices are offering online chat features, online scheduling, and comprehensive FAQs. With these things, you can boost web traffic, inspire trust, generate good word-of-mouth advertising, and boost your conversion rate.

Dental assistant working on a laptop

Engaging With Your Market Via Social Media

Social media marketing is another aspect of the optimization process that can both make your site more visible on search engines, and increase your ability to make conversions right now. To fully optimize your website and blog content, you should be sharing it with your social media contacts.

Engaging with your audience via social networking platforms gives you the opportunity to start building a personable brand that consumers feel comfortable with. When they like the posts they read, they’ll comment on them and share them with their friends.

Participating in such discussions makes dentists and their team members seem more accessible, relatable, and reliable overall. Best of all, this manner of social media marketing is both incredibly effective and extremely low in cost, especially when compared to other forms of online marketing.

Connect Your Practice With Other Reputable Brands

Good dental SEO also includes regular efforts in organic link-building. This is different from registering your site with web directories.

Quality link-building usually comes from guest blogging. Writing guest posts on the web pages of reputable, ethical businesses that are connected to your industry will not only bode well for your SEO campaigns. It will also allow your practice to benefit from the goodwill that these established companies have already built for themselves.

When people see your posts on the websites of businesses that they already know and trust, they’ll transfer that same level of trust to you.


Good SEO is an important part of making your site visible and accessible to the very people who want and need your services. While it takes time for SEO to drive most dental practices to the top of search engine results pages, cumulative efforts in optimization can help you connect with and convert numerous consumers along the way. In fact, SEO can also help you build a stronger and more recognizable brand, set you apart as an industry authority, and give people the info they need for making positive and proactive decisions about the future of their dental health.