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Dental Treatment Woes: What Dentists and Patients Should Know about Dental Negligence Claims

Dental negligence or malpractice claims are a major concern (and headache) for dental practices all over. Negligence can and will happen, since no matter how meticulous a dentist or hygienist… Read more »

5 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Your Dental Practice

A strong social media presence is essential for any dental practice. Not only is dental care essential for health, our teeth paint a picture in other people’s mind about what… Read more »

Technology Trends that will Impact the Dental Industry

Dental practices are seeing major shifts in terms of new technology and how it’s used. From 3D mapping to enterprise software, clients expect the latest services. clinics and independent practitioners… Read more »

The Power of Using Good SEO to Build Your Dental Practice

At one time, building a strong and successful dental practice required little more than investments in yellow page advertising, billboards, and other print, marketing materials. Today, more than ever, print… Read more »