Integrated and Inclusive: Victoria City Modernises Morocco

Traveling entrepreneurs – are you familiar with the Victoria City project in Casablanca, Morocco? If you aren’t read on, because the city offer plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

Victoria City project, Casablanca, Morocco
Victoria City, Casablanca, Morocco – photo credit: Garan

On the outskirts of Casablanca, the emerging new Moroccan city of Victoria will blend cultural diversity and modern amenities in harmony with the area’s scenic backdrops and natural beauty. This exciting flagship development borders on Casablanca, Morocco’s west coast city and main Atlantic port. A significant commercial hub, the region is rich in French history, Moorish style and European art.

Formerly known as the Barbary coast, this part of the Saharan region is one of the most populated in the Maghreb trade agreement area, an initiative that works towards economic and political unity with the neighbouring North African countries of Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania and Libya. Apart from being home to Morocco’s principal naval base, the city of Casablanca is also one of the continent’s largest financial centres. Its population extends to around three million in the central urban district and almost seven million including the outlying suburbs.

The new development at Victoria will transform the area surrounding Casablanca in an environmentally sustainable way. Expectations are that it will convert a sparsely populated and somewhat sleepy neighbourhood into a bustling and lively residential centre with employment opportunities. Sharing its name with London Victoria, a Canadian city and the impressive waterfalls of Zimbabwe, Victoria will boast impressive views over the nature reserve of the Bouskoura forest.

The project began in 2014, with threefold aims:

  • To enable working people to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.
  • To promote an integrated and inclusive community for residents from various socio-economic backgrounds.
  • To provide an opportunity that delivers healthy returns to investors and property developers.

Thanks to close cooperation with the Moroccan government, the pioneering development became possible.His management team, which Mazen Al Sawwaf belongs, was carefully chosen and hands-on management team has risen to the challenge to meet progress milestones; the watchful board meets every quarter to guide growth and oversee harmonisation of the model project.

In achieving the project aims, Victoria city will have three main areas:

  • Area A, close to the forest, with views over open grassed spaces, picnic areas in peaceful settings and nature trails leading to verdant woods in the distance.
  • Area B with a variety of shops, commercial and public buildings such as cultural installations.
  • Area C comprising affordable housing and low-cost accommodation, connected by wide boulevards.

In total, Victoria will cover some 250 hectares with 450 villas and 17,400 residential apartments. Of the 17,400 residential apartments, 3,200 are destined to provide affordable housing while some 14,200 will be of deluxe standard. In addition to the three schools already planned to support the young population, the management team is in detailed negotiations for a private international school to serve the area.

Victoria City, Casablanca
photo credit: Garan

Scheduled for completion in June 2018, Victoria project planners and management have already sold nearly three-quarters of the available land. Over the next few weeks and months, officials and executives confidently expect to sell the remaining plots.

Finally, new public road infrastructure will ensure good connections Victoria with Casablanca, Bouskoura and Mohammed V international airport.


To make it work, a new city must have commercial, health and education facilities.  Victoria City has it all.  Future residences and property investors know that this project is promising, and entrepreneurs, too, know that there are plenty of opportunities to seize especially as the first movers in a new city.