Technology Trends in the Liquor Industry

When you think of a business or industry that could benefit a lot from technology, your mind might not automatically go to the liquor business. However, the liquor business is worth tens of billions of dollars in the USA alone and there is a lot of competition.

As a result, it is imperative that certain companies/stores use technology to get ahead of the competition. This article will take a closer look at some big technological trends that could change the liquor industry as we know it.

Wine and liquor store


There is a digital revolution that is currently happening and many big businesses are going online. You can purchase almost anything online these days, and this is starting to become true in the liquor business too.

While it isn’t huge yet like shopping for clothes, technology or other gifts online, the online sales of alcohol through digital channels could change the game for whichever stores or companies begin to offer it to the most clients. While it is possible to buy booze online, many people still go into stores, but expect to see a bit of a change in the coming years.

Education for the Customer

While some people get the exact same thing every time they go to the liquor store, others aren’t too sure what they are going to get until they browse the store a little bit. This can lead a lot of people to aimlessly walk around a store and not know what to get.

The solution to this problem that many people have is to use robotics. No, not a full on robot to walk around and help people shop, but more of a kiosk/digital piece of signage. They could be in each store and people could use a screen to browse the selection, see deals, see prices and even potentially ask questions to make their shopping experience easier and better.

Keeping Everything Safe and Legal

The liquor business has the additional challenge of having to adhere to strict restrictions against selling to minors.. However, that doesn’t stop teenagers from wanting to drink. In order to be legally compliant, a liquor store needs to check IDs and ensure that everyone they sell to is of legal age.

Local authorities continue put forth a concerted effort to crack down on underage sales, and statistics show that businesses still have a 10-20% violation rate. This is a significant legal risk for any establishment, potentially resulting in fines, court hearings, misdemeanor charges, and revocation of license. So if a sale to a minor does occur, both the store owner and the employee can  find themselves in hot water.

Liquor store customer

As a solution, many establishments that sell alcohol, including bars, nightclubs, and liquor stores have implemented age verification scanner technology, which allows employees to simply scan the barcode on an ID and reports back whether they are under age or not. This prevents the errors that typically come with calculating age by hand, or misreading an ID.

Utilizing Social Media in a Big Way

Social media is massive and seemingly every individual, company and brand out there has an account on at least one platform. Social media is huge for businesses in all industries (including liquor) as it is a great way to connect with clients and hear the questions or concerns of the customers.

There are definitely some liquor brands and companies who use social media in a great way, but look to see more hop on the wagon very soon. Also, certain stores might even begin to use social media to advertise deals, reach customers and more.