5 Reasons Becoming an Entrepreneur is Right For You

There are so many reasons not to quit your job- money, security, and stability to name a few. There are definite challenges with starting over from the ground up. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy, but you may not be the kind of person who wants easy. If you find yourself disappointed by the traditional work schedule or the lack of drive your coworkers have, take a look at your current life situation. There may be another way to have a more fulfilling career – as long as you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone.

Here are the top five reasons why becoming an entrepreneur may be the right option for you.

Tattoo artist and studio owner

1. Your Focus is on Passion, Not Money

When you imagine your dream job, what does it involve you doing? What are you passionate about? Yes, we need money to live – but what gets you up in the morning? Make sure your passion is long-lasting, too. Starting a business from the bottom is often slow-moving and far from glamorous. You need a long-standing passion for your product or purpose in order to take the time to see your business grow. If you’re interested in more than a paycheck, that’s a definite indicator that you may be ready for something more significant.

2. You Definitely Have the Skills to Pay the Bills

Many would-be entrepreneurs tend to have the confidence, but lack the skills to back that confidence up. You, however, have built a skill set from years of experience in the field. Skill building can come from failures, too: many successful entrepreneurs have tried and failed at previous attempts in building a business. Knowing your worth through these experiences sets you up not only for success, but weathering the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship as well.

3. No Risk, Zero Reward

Speaking of failure, do you throw caution to the wind when it comes to taking on new tasks or projects? It goes without saying that there is an inherent risk in being an entrepreneur. The stakes are always higher when you are working for yourself, but as they say – the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. If you make sure your risks are calculated, but you’re not afraid to take a leap of faith, you’d enjoy the exciting challenge of starting your own business.

Not only should you be able to take risks, you should be able to convince others to take the risk of supporting you. This isn’t easy to do. It requires persistence, and risk of rejection. However, the more calculated risks you take, the more you understand the climate of the business you’re in, and soon those risks will become much less risky.

Visionary leader

4. You have a Mind of a Visionary

You are not predicting the future per se, but you might as well be. Being a visionary in any field, whether scientific or creative, can be met with resistance. There are likely many doubters in your life – coworkers and skeptics that aren’t quite sure of where you’re going with your off-the-wall vision. Fear not: if you pursue your strongest ideas, there’s always a chance that someone out there will be able to see where you’re going with it, and they’ll be willing to invest. Many of the world’s greatest inventions and companies were created from tinkering, forward thinking, and relentless persistence. In fact, some visionaries started with very little and have now impacted the world in a big way.

5. You are Refreshingly Adaptable

Flexibility is your middle name. You take on challenges not with a stubbornness but with an open mind. Frankly, sometimes circumstances need to change in order to thrive. One of the biggest issues first-time business owners face is the unwillingness to change a business model for it to grow larger. When this happens, a business can suffer as it doesn’t reflect the current needs of the clientbase or city that it is in. Having a vision is wonderful, but being able to mold that vision into something sustainable is what can make an idea truly awe inspiring.

Finally and most importantly, entrepreneurship is scary. It takes a lot of bravery to push your idea out into the world – and even more to convince people to invest their time and money in it. Between the potential failure and risk involved, many people choose not to pursue this passion. However, if you feel the time is right and you’ve got the drive, maybe you’re ready to jump in.