How to Get the Best Out of Your Exhibition Stand

Are you going to promote your products and services in Germany, particularly in the city of Frankfurt? If so, the best practice for you is to find the upcoming local exhibitions.  If you want to participate in an exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, there are things to take care, such as checking the venue’s availability and looking for an exhibition stand contractor to build it for your company.

Here are some of the important tips to ensure that you achieve the best out of the exhibition.

Business exhibition stand in Frankfurt
photo credit: Marco Verch / Flickr

Getting started

From consumer oriented shows all the way to business conferences – there is always an event to benefit every audience. Most businesses participate in trade exhibitions to increase brand awareness, grow their mailing list or venture into new businesses.

To make sure that the exhibition achieves all these goals, the stand design plays a vital role, and especially in attracting people at the exhibition. The good thing is that there are different types of exhibition stands in Frankfurt to choose from. Just google for it!

The stand itself


It goes without saying that every business can benefit from the exhibition when the customer is well aware of what they are and the type of products/services offered. The best stand should effectively serve these two purposes. The company name, logo and product line are the first things that should be included in the stand. You can achieve this by furnishing the posters and banners in a way that portrays the business mission and goals.


The location of the exhibition stand also matters a great deal. For instance, you can benefit more from high visibility if you get a corner space. Locating your stand near a cafeteria is also a perfect idea.



For the event to be a success, you need to have enough staff, and especially when the exhibition is meant to last for a couple of days. Remember that the stand should never be left alone. So having a large team will ensure that everyone is at standby all the time. Also, every member of the staff should be in a better position to answer questions concerning the product/service and make appointments when necessary.


No matter the number of staff that participates in the show, you cannot achieve the best results if most of them do not know what the business is all about. Most investors assume that their staff has all the information on the company, but this should not be the case. It is therefore important to have a briefing to ensure every staff; especially the temporary employees are in a position to effectively market the company.


Marketing material

For the company to benefit from the exhibition, do not forget to equip the stand with enough leaflets and brochures. Even if potential customers may not have the time to know all the information about the company, they can still get more details from the brochures and leaflets at the comfort of their homes.


Besides having trained staff, it is also important to have offers that will attract potential customers to the stand. Whatever strategy you come up with, ensure that it is effective enough to increase your mailing list and attract more customers at the end of the exhibition.


So, there you go – some tips for making the most of your exhibition participation.  As always, success comes through proper management; a well-managed exhibition stand will give the most return on your investment. Focus on that, and let your products and services speak for themselves.