Free Virtual Receptionist: Here’s What You Should Know About It

In the day to day activities of a business, it is important to have efficient people around you who clearly understand their job roles and responsibilities. These people can bring a lot to the table in terms of business output and growth. The quicker the job gets done, the more time you have to think about future prospects. And that is exactly where the role of a receptionist comes in.

Most bosses and leaders know the duties of a receptionist but what separates them from virtual receptionists is a question up for debate. A virtual receptionist is just like any other receptionist except he/she won’t be physically present.

Virtual receptionist

What a Virtual Receptionist (VR) can offer you

The following are some of the areas where a VR plays an active role:

Law – Lawyers are finding it useful to use a VR instead of a traditional receptionist as it helps them getting work done at the court and in the office simultaneously.

Dentistry – For Doctors and Dentists, scheduling appointments play an important part in their daily activity. Therefore, using a VR to make appointments with clients is certainly helpful.

Small Businesses – Small businesses are always looking for space to grow and expand. A VR helps them maintain tight schedules and gives space for growth as well.

What is a Free Virtual Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist handles meeting schedules, takes calls, answers them, replies to mails and does so much more than a traditional receptionist. They are usually contract workers who perform the same duties and functions as other traditional receptionists.

A free virtual receptionist is available without the involvement of any monetary transaction. Their services can be availed anytime depending upon the availability.

How does a Free Virtual Receptionist Work?

Free Virtual Receptionists use specific software’s that is connected to your phone system and computer. You can re-route the calls or mails to the receptionist just as you would to a traditional one. The VRs then sent a prompt reply or message to the right person in the company or outside of it.

The power to send calls and messages is completely in your hands. Through this software, getting work done becomes quicker and easier. The jobs can easily be sent to the VR with just a click of a button.

Issues with free VRs

However, it is important to note that since most VRs are paid, a free VR may not be as useful as one on contract. And that is why there are certain cons that are associated when using a free VR to tend to business needs. Some of these are as follows:

Sleeping virtual receptionist
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The reason why free virtual assistants are not too reliable is because they are, well, free. And free is often associated with cheap. Therefore, the service may not be as top-notch as one would expect it to be. Plus, most that are available in the market are trial versions. Which means you won’t be entitled to its complete services.

Poor response

Most companies that provide free VR services may not be as dedicated to your business as a paid VR. That is because a VR depends on many resources which cost money. And since these resources are more or less reserved for businesses who really need them, a lack of response on their part can be expected. If it is for a trial, then it may be beneficial for you. Otherwise, you may want to spend money and settle for a paid VR service.

Does not provide the complete picture

Picture this. You are a new company and would like to hire a VR for his services. However, you are also short of money and do not really know how a VR works. So, you settle for a free VR or a trial version of an original one and you end up being dissatisfied with what you receive. It can change your perspective and that may not be a good thing. Times are changing, and smart business strategy is the key to growth. But if you get stuck on a particular notion, then your business can take a bad hit.

Logistical short comings

Physical collaboration will always have a greater impact than technological interactions because of one simple reason – physical interaction cannot be disrupted during an important meeting. Technology has a tendency to fail, no matter how small the chances might be. But in a physical interaction, the only way something can disrupt the communication is if a major problem occurs.

Meetings are based on timings and communication and when both do not take place smoothly, businesses take a hit.

Dealing with the language barrier

Free VRs work from a number of countries around the world and sometimes, miscommunications occur due to language barriers. It’s not just restricted to grammar and diction but also includes cultural and social nuances as well.

Although the VR cannot be blamed for such shortcomings, these problems do exist and you as a leader must find a way to work around it. Also, keep in mind that free services are often not the best option to entrust communications.

Risk of data security

It is possible that a free VR won’t be as dedicated to your campaign as other employees within the organization. And even when he does there is a risk of the data getting leaked out to the public. After all, VRs will be in charge of sensitive information and some of it might be enough to put the company at risk.

Research before you Hire

It is always important to do a background check before hiring a free VR. Job experiences and recommendations are a plus. A VR with credible background is easier and safer to work with than a new one.

Receptionist in the reception area

Free VR: Yea or Nay?

It is always important to understand how the free VR services work before hiring them. Those could work out well, but chances are – due the limitations and risks – they may not be the best option for your company. It may be better to use premium VR services when considering the service quality vs. cost factors.

Quality virtual receptionist benefits your company in the long run.

There are affordable Virtual Receptionist services offering the best value for your money. All you need to do is to compare and choose the best fit for your company’s needs.

Remember, free is not always the best option for keeping your budget checked. Instead, choose services that offer the best value for money. You just can’t play around with freebies knowing that customer experience is, obviously, paramount to your business.