Top 7 Virtual Receptionist Services For 2020

In 2020, you might have witnessed the revolution of many fascinating innovations in the midst of coronavirus pandemic and economic downturn. The boom of Virtual Receptionist service is one of the prominent among them – partly thanks to the work from home necessities due to the whole situations.

Now coming to the fundamental question, what is a Virtual Receptionist? In simple terms, it is a highly organized and smart receptionist for business needs. This service can completely take care of reception services such as handling calls, messages, and calendar items without human intervention.

Virtual receptionist taking calls

A virtual receptionist is a remarkable innovation that helps to replace the traditional in-house reception services with the help of human intervention alone. This service works remotely, replacing many tedious and monotonous tasks.

The main highlight is, it can be availed in a much cheaper budget when compared to the cost associated with doing the same functions with the help of a resource. This service is also called smart IVR and can be utilized 24*7 in 365 days.

There are many top-notch services available today with unique features. Each service provider has its benefits and offerings. Based on the size and requirements of your business, you can choose the right service. Here are the seven most competitive service providers among them:

1. Moneypenny

Moneypenny is a global provider that started in 2000. This is the UK’s leading service provider in the Virtual Receptionist sector. They provide you a dedicated PA for your services. They have mainly three unmatchable solutions in calling and one solution in chats. In calling services, they offer telephone answering, switchboard, and small business phone systems. In chat service, they support live chat. They provide services in automotive, legal, property, health care, and many more industrial sectors in the market. Moneypenny operates from the UK.

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2. Nexa

Nexa is headquartered in the USA and serving the industry since 1982. They have customized solutions for business, home, medical sectors. They offer bilingual call answering. They provide services to legal, real estate, and the insurance industry needs. The Nexa solutions are NexaProfessional, NexaSupport, NexaMedical, NexaPlus, and NexaHomeServices, catering to various needs in the industry. This service is known as Nexa Receptionist.

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3. Abby Connect

Abby Connect is providing services from the last 14 years and headquartered in Las Vegas. They offer the answering services for legal, dental, accounting, and chiropractic industries. Their services include flexible call handling, message delivery through email, client intake forms, live call announcements, bilingual receptionist, make calls on your behalf, and many more exceptional features. They offer a dedicated account manager and receptionist team for every customer. Their additional features include voicemail to email, customer transfer tunes, unlimited voicemail boxes, and minutes.

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Virtual receptionist

4. AnswerForce

AnswerForce is a US-based Virtual Receptionist service. They offer many unique features such as optional call recording, live web chat, live call transfers, form responses, take orders, and more. AnswerForce also offers live call transfer to the designated team. The after hour solution provides high quality and consistent service at any time of the day. One of the unique functions of AnswerForce is the Legal Answering Solution customized for customer’s legal needs. It ensures confidentiality and professional link between the legal firm and their valuable clients.

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5. Ruby Receptionist

Ruby Receptionists started in the year of 2003 and headquartered in the USA. They provide services to various industries such as legal, health care, finance, real estate, home services, and other small businesses. They are well-known for their personalized customer experience solutions. Customers can avail of the services full time or just when they need it alone. Their services include call answering, call routing, message handling, and more. The Ruby Chat specialist is available all the time for your service.

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6. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is a famous global provider headquartered in the USA. It is serving in the market since 2006. They offer services to legal, healthcare, advertising, finance, and technology industries. Davinci provides two types of service packages – the business plan and premium plan. They offer features such as auto and bilingual receptionist, online faxing, toll-free facility, customer care, call routing, call screening, forwarding and transfer, voicemail management, stellar customer service, and more. They also provide unlimited long-distance calling and free local calling. Each customer can avail the features based on their subscribed plan.

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7. is a US-based virtual receptionist service provider since 2012. They serve industries such as attorneys, customer order and services, home improvements, IT consulting, E-commerce, and Finance. offers services such as capture leads, qualify leads, manage new and existing clients, appointment scheduling, callbacks, web forms, follow-ups, call blocking and screening, and many more. They also added text answering feature to their virtual receptionist solution. For the services such as appointment scheduling and call back, they integrate their system with the calendar software. They also integrate with the card processing system for the payment process.

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The demand for Virtual Receptionist service is rapidly increasing. It saves time and effort utilized for reception services and enables the business to concentrate on their profit-making tasks. The solutions are many times efficient than any traditional services in terms of cost and utilization. Due to the increasing demand, extensive researches for more enhanced capability are progressing in this field. A business, irrespective of its size and industry can completely utilize their time to grow its forte to the next levels without bothering the admin tasks.

A new era of exceptional customer experience is unveiling in the Virtual Receptionist sector. More and more service providers are getting added to the list every year. You can look forward to a more exciting addition of features and innovations in the Virtual Receptionist boom, as there is a humungous business scope for Virtual Receptionist services in the coming years.