“Floor” Your Customers With Eye-Catching Floor Graphics

“Floor” Your Customers With Eye-Catching Floor Graphics

If you’ve ever walked into a store or business where colorful graphics are printed on the floor, chances are, you noticed.

A customer’s eye will naturally gravitate toward colors, shapes, and messages in places they wouldn’t normally expect to see them.

Like the floor!

Floor graphics example
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We expect to see signs, or banners, or displays of all kinds in a store, a mall, or just about any public place. Sometimes, the messages in those places can get lost, competing with each other for the attention of the customer.

But great floor graphics, of the kind designed and installed by a quality large-format printer, never fail to deliver attention-grabbing (sometimes eye-popping) results.

A “Safe” Addition To Your Marketing Strategy

Floor graphics have come a long way from simply adhering a sticker to a tile or wood floor.

These days, the special vinyls used by your large-format sign printer can adhere to virtually any surface.

Sometimes even a carpeted surface can make for a great, appealing, persuasive sales pitch!

And here’s more good news: When you use the kind of floor graphic materials available today, you can actually make your shop or business safer.

That’s because these high-tech, cutting-edge vinyl graphics actually help prevent customers from slipping and falling. They make for a safer walking surface, all the while promoting your business, or your products, or your services.

Did you know you can apply vinyl graphics to a sidewalk? Maybe you did. But what you might not know is that these applications actually become stronger the more they’re walked on!

Floor graphics – indoor or outdoor, on just about any kind of surface – can provide you with a “silent salesperson” who’s reaching out to customers and prospects all the time with your firm’s best messages.

They’ll keep your customers on their feet… and your sales staff on their toes.

Floor graphic advertising example
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Today’s Floor Graphics Stand Up To Every Step

Your floor graphics can feature just about any design you can think of, from logos to messages to humorous footprints customers can follow to your door.

Your printer can help you with design, and then laminate the graphics so that the surface is tough, textured, and even scuff-resistant.

And imagine the possibilities!

People retain a small percentage of the information they hear, a slightly larger percentage of the things they see, and most of what they can both see and hear.

But when a person experiences something as unique as an eye-grabbing floor graphic display, the message is sure to stick in their mind like gum on their shoe (though it won’t actually stick to their shoes!).

In sales and marketing, nothing succeeds like a message prospects can’t help but notice… and remember.

Is your marketing on a solid footing? Maybe an attractive, attention-getting floor graphic is just what your business needs to communicate to customers that there’s no step you won’t take to earn their business. Talk to a quality large-format printer today about a floor graphic design that’s sure to be remembered by everyone who walks through (or even near) your door.

Tim Eunice

Tim Eunice is the owner The Visual Edge Signs & Designs Inc. Our staff has a combined 25 years of experience in the business signs, graphics and large format printing industries.