Instagram Promotion Can Drive More Sales for Your eCommerce Business – Here’s How!

As the owner of an e-commerce venture, you must be aware that how important it is to get your marketing strategies right to create a truly strong brand presence online. Your business will solely depend upon the internet for its functionality, and hence, you have to take primarily all the help that you can get from online platforms to make your venture a success.

One of the most potent methods of doing this is by using social media platforms to do your marketing, and in social media, Instagram is the best when it comes to promoting any form of business.

Instagram app

This article will help you to learn why Instagram is the best for promoting your e-commerce venture and getting more sales.

Why Instagram?

Instagram has evolved from being just a photo-sharing app where celebrities would post their selfies to becoming one of the leading social media platforms today. It is the most used app today in the world with an estimated 400 million user base with millions of new users joining daily. This allows e-commerce owners to market their products to a wide range of audience from various parts of the world.

Clientele who earlier had no access to your business whatsoever can simply look you up Instagram and get to know about your services. This is a great way to make your e-commerce business go from local to national and even international.

What should you do?

Instagram is a visual content only app that is designed primarily for mobile phone usage. Hence, you can only upload photos, and videos and not any form of textual content like you can do on Facebook. So to get your business rolling, what you should do is post the best pictures of your products on your Instagram page and let the magic happen.

You must also provide relevant hashtags, mentions, and tags under the captions in your posts. Adding videos of your products being used is also a good idea since it can give potential customers some idea about what to expect from your products.

What should you avoid?

Do not upload misleading photos or misleading captions in your posts. Your posts need to be precise with the information that they convey. Misleading the customer can be very damaging to your business as it can cost you customer’s trust which you do not want to happen at any cost.

Influencer and hashtags


Using hashtags is a difficult yet a significant part of using Instagram. Hashtags allow other users to find your content easily. Ideally, you should put four hashtags with your posts, but they need to be relevant and related to the product.

You can research to see what the popular hashtags are in your industry and your niche and choose them accordingly.

Types of photos

The types of photos which you should upload depend on what you are trying to sell.

If you want to sell corn flakes, for instance, it will be useful to upload two pictures, one with the cereal box and the other with the cereal in a bowl of milk being devoured by a young child for breakfast. That would convey the message that the cereal is tasty, healthy, convenient and that you will sell it. Similarly, for an electronic gadget like a television, you should upload the photo of the TV from various angles so that customers understand the correct dimensions and a photo of the TV being mounted in a furnished living room so that people can understand how it will finally appear in their homes.

The images will vary from product to product of course, but the general pattern will remain the same.

Acquiring followers

Generally speaking, you would want to acquire followers organically.  Meaning, you need to attract them with your content and inspire them to tag their friends – online and offline – to follow your account.

While the above is the best practice, sometimes you need to leverage the available tools to get the most of your time, quick.  One of the most controversial methods is buying social media followers, in this case Instagram. You can try to buy Instagram likes online to get more followers on Instagram and spread your outreach – but you need to learn the pros and cons of it first.

Instagram likes


One of the most popular marketing strategies for e-commerce websites in recent years has been to utilize social media platforms to promote their business. Instagram is the best platform for this purpose. Instagram only allows visual content to be posted and hence you can post pictures of your wares, products, and items in your Instagram page and make people aware of what you have to offer.

We hope this article has given you some insight and you will make your own Instagram page soon.