Selecting the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for You: 4 Things to Look for

If you’ve had an accident, you’re probably reeling from the incident, especially if you’ve been injured. It’s a difficult period to overcome, but with the right support network in place you can make it through the storm. Though confronting the incident is probably the last thing you’ll want to do, it’s important to seek justice so you can get on with your life.

Achieving closure is important for your mental well-being, and an additional bonus is the potential for compensation. To be in position to receive what you’re entitled to, you’ll need to initiate legal action with the help of a professional.

Consulting with a personal injury lawyer

Finding the right personal injury lawyer is no easy task, so a great starting point is conducting an online search locally. Include your geographic location alongside the type of lawyer you seek. For example if you live in Canada you might look for ICBC lawyer Vancouver. This will generate various results, from which the decision process begins.

What to look for in a personal injury lawyer

Choosing someone from a personal injury law firm who preserves your rights is essential for gaining compensation, and they should be competent enough to actively investigate your claim. If you’re wondering what to look for in personal injury lawyers, here are the things to look for:

1. Experience

When it comes to investigating a claim, a lawyer’s proficiency is largely centered on their previous experience. When hiring a lawyer you’ll want to know their previous case history, and whether they’ve been successful in the past.

What’s reassuring is if they’ve been in the industry for years, and are fully transparent with their accomplishments. If so they’ll know what to look for and where to look for it, and understand specific laws of the region.

Hiring someone without experience means you’re rolling the dice unnecessarily, so choosing someone with experience is essential for peace of mind.

2. Reputation

An attorney’s reputation goes a long way and can be a critical element relating to how quickly a case is resolved. Their previous dealings will indicate their reliability, and give an impression of how easy they are to deal with.

You can observe customer testimonials and feedback, and perhaps even use word of mouth to choose someone. If friends or family have worked with a competent lawyer, or know someone they deem perfect for your case, this is a great method of discovery.

A personal injury lawyer giving legal advice

3. Objectivity

When it comes to being compensated for your injuries, objectivity is often understated. A good attorney is objective and will use their knowledge to reach a positive outcome. They won’t be looking to settle your case too quickly or move onto the next client, and they’ll present themselves in a professional, un-opinionated manner.

Good lawyers rely on their extensive skill set and knowledge rather than charm.

4. Personality

The last thing you need is someone who is unwilling to support you through difficult times, so you’ll be better off dealing with a reassuring individual. Working with someone you feel comfortable communicating with is advisable, especially considering the nature of information you’ll need to share.


Choosing the right lawyer should be done carefully.  Take your time, and always consider advice and recommendations from your trusted colleagues and friends.