Zero Day Attack Protection: A Guide

A zero day exploit or Zero day attack is a vulnerability that can exploit outdated software that’s prone to infection.

With a zero day attack, the virus can expose your company’s confidential data and sensitive information. This illegitimate access that can be made through exploiting buggy software, keylogger activities, and malware infiltration.

Zero day attack

Zero day attacks occur when your software is affected by the malware infection. Usually, these infections are exploited by cyber criminals who can infiltrate your network before being aware of it.

Usually, zero day attacks that are identified by your company’s security experts create code to fix the software issue and make a patch to prevent further problems from occurring. The vendors will notice the latest patch and fix the software bug by adding the patch that eliminates the issue.

Alternatively, vendors can make automatic updates each time a patch is released. To prevent a zero day exploit, your company needs an antivirus solution that can protect your information from such threats.

How to Stop Zero Day Attacks?

Zero Day attacks only occur to those who are unaware about their company’s software. The first method of action is to check and update it to ensure that its safe constantly. Here are some tips you should follow to protect your company from such attacks:

  • Software Updates: One form of zero day attack protection is to have the latest software. If your software sends you a notice to update it, do it immediately. In fact, if they state that it’s a critical update, believe them. The update might be a patch the protects your network from a vulnerability. By keeping your software updated, you protect your software from vulnerabilities and future infections.
  • Keep Your Browser Updated: You don’t want to use obsolete browsers as they are more susceptible to attacks. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox send updates regularly. These updates are automatically installed and don’t disturb your browser when it takes place.
  • Antivirus System: As a business owner, you need an antivirus system that’s high quality and prone to protecting your software from zero day attacks. Make sure that they don’t just protect you from known attacks. It needs to search for unidentified attacks that can potentially harm your software unexpectedly. This process is called Threat Emulation where the downloads and email attachments are tested for viruses and threats in a cloud-based environment before it reaches your computer.


Further Steps

Whether you’re a small business, an individual, or a large enterprise, zero day attack protection is very important. By doing so, you can ensure that your business can still run effectively and stay secure.

Don’t just settle for low-quality protection, and you need to get the highest quality security possible. By doing this, you will help your business run faster and prevent viruses from destroying your progress. Ultimately, decide on which software is needed to protect your

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