The 5 Best Degrees for Entrepreneurs

A college education can improve your career preparation for and skills as an entrepreneur. Through a college education, you can gain the knowledge and competence to help you launch your own business. Although many types of majors are suitable for entrepreneurs, some of the most suitable majors include writing and English, marketing, and computer science and information technology courses of study.

Writing and English

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Writing and English are important for any entrepreneur. When you have a business, you will need to communicate with customers, stockholders, and employees. Through these majors, you will learn how to use the written word to communicate as effectively as possible based on your audience.

Entrepreneur suggests that an entrepreneur who studies writing and English may be able to earn more money by offering the skills acquired from these majors, such as effective keyword identification for search engine optimization and blog writing, to others for a fee.


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Once you have decided to offer a product or service to the market, business and industry professionals such as David C. Court, Jonathan W. Gordon, Jesko Perrey, and Jayson DeMers suggest that you need to know how to present products and services to customers to receive a return on your investment.

A marketing major course of study involves topics such as public relations, resource allocation, advertising, and market research. These courses can equip you with the skills required to ensure that customers not only know about your product or service, but are also encouraged to invest in your services. Considering the importance of marketing in the sale of a product or service to customers, entrepreneurs should either study some basic marketing principles or hire someone who has studied marketing.

Computer Science and Information Technology

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Computers play a central role in the modern business environment, and they have been integrated into logistics, marketing, sales, product development, and other aspects of the business process. Further, Switchup indicates that IT-related roles are in high demand by technology startups because web development and programming are central to the success of any technology startup. Although it is not necessary to master computer science at a professional level, having technology skills can put you and your business at a competitive advantage.

Although these courses of study can improve your chances of success as an entrepreneur, you may be discouraged by the high cost associated with acquiring a college degree. Fortunately, you can use available private student loan services to make the learning process less strenuous for you and your family.

In spite of the benefits of studying computer science and information technology, marketing, and writing or English, financial challenges can prevent an entrepreneur from pursuing an academic major. However, earning a degree in one of these areas can be a great investment, even if you’re an entrepreneur who would rather funnel your funds into your first small business launch.