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There are many schools, both traditional and online, that provide business degrees. With so many different business degrees, including everything from certifications to doctorates, it’s difficult to know which institution might be best for you. This is especially true given the number of online institutions offering a diverse lineup of business related degrees. When it comes to entrepreneurship degrees, however, only a few schools truly specialize in this area. Here are some of the best online schools for entrepreneurs.

Walden University is one of the best choices for any business student, and has a diverse program that prepares you for the modern business world. There are two separate areas of focus for the bachelor’s degrees offered by Walden, and its MBA is seen as one of the best in the online world. Due to the cross-studies training that you will receive from knowledgeable professors in different disciplines, you will find yourself more prepared for the quickly changing world of entrepreneurship. The major focus areas available for the MBA include a specialization in entrepreneurship, readying you to conquer the corporate world.

Jones International University was the first online school to receive full accreditation, and provides a rigorous and highly respected business program. It offers several bachelor’s programs, a half dozen areas of focus for its MBA program, and Doctorate programs with a focus in business, including the standard DBA. Regardless of where you stand with your college credits, JIU has a program to suit your needs and your five year plan.

Kaplan University has a strong record of graduates snagging good jobs and high salaries. When it comes to increasing your marketability with a well focused business program, this is one of the best possible options. Kaplan has many local campuses for those who prefer hands on assistance, provides direct support from staff including professors, and tends to be on the cutting edge of educational technology. Kaplan is also among the more affordable Master’s of Business Administration programs available online.

Northcentral University has both the Master’s of Business Administration and Doctorate of Business Administration options. It is highly accessible to anyone in the United States, has no residency requirements, and has one of the best “fast track” setups due to its accelerated learning options. Its doctoral program is more diverse than almost any other online school, with entrepreneurship being one of the major options. Depending on what you intend to focus on during your career, you may choose another area of focus such as online business, public administration, marketing, technologies, and more.

Of course, the list doesn’t stop here. There are dozens of other institutions that may well meet your needs. Be certain to check into the various details of the program, including the history of online school, the statistics for completion, the average earning statistics, positive and negative reviews, and any other information you can find. The good news is that these institutions are willing and ready to send information immediately to prospective students.

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