How Great Brands Generate More Reviews: 8 Tips

The internet has a steady hand in the flourishing of many small and medium-size businesses. With the competition soaring between the e-commerce now and then, maintaining a huge customer base is not a piece of cake. Marketers are utilizing every trick to raise the sell, and one such highly opted mode of promotion is through customer’s review.

Getting customer review

The significance of getting reviews

Of course, you often ask multiple people before you decide down the product to purchase. The latest trend to do it is by going through the product reviews written by its previous consumer on its site. A survey by last year suggests that over 90 percent of the people follow the product review to make a smart decision. For that matter, almost all the big names in the e-commerce like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and many others ask their customer to review its product. The positive review from the consumers is enough to turn the table especially in the case of small brands.

Another advantage of these reviews is it boosts your site ranking in the Google search engine. As per the MOZ report, it is one of the deceive factor in making the ranking decision. Reviews are not just for growth in products sales but also let inform the marketers about the flaws of it. It gets more comfortable for the marketer to rectify their product flaws which create any dissatisfaction among users.

No matter what’s your business type all if you do not value the customer review you will not sustain in the market competition. Moreover, the companies are aware of the review significance but to generate reviews many times become a tricky task for these companies. In many cases, the customer is not willing or feel lazy to add a few words about the product. Fewer reviews on the products are affecting both big and small brands. As a result, many times, the companies even went to buy reviewers for adding positive ratings and feedback.

Getting customer reviews

Tips to get reviews from your customers

A few positive reviews on a product is sufficient to make a customer believe in it, even if it is a new brand. To get your site filled with such reviews you need to start working forward it. Be it positive or negative but getting enough reviews show that a large bunch of consumers is keeping an eye on your products. To head toward gaining reviews, a few tips given will be helpful.

1. Ask every customer for writing a review

There is no better way to ask your customer to write down reviews if you want them. Every review is essential as you can track down from these what your customers want in the product. Recommend them products as per these reviews.

2. Utilise every social media platform

The best way to interact with your customers is by having an account over all the social media. So, the first step is to have an account on almost every social media platform. Ask your customers to share your account on their account. Undoubtedly, social media is perfect to approach a large sum of people. Marketing any product along with urging them to give their precious feedback will become an easy task to do.

3. Interact with the followers

Have a frequent interaction with the followers and keep them up to date with the product related information.You can put up any discussion and ask them to participate. It would be more helpful to instigate anything regarding your product background. Well, this can also give you an idea of your follower’s likes and dislike. Moreover, don’t forget to add a link to your review page and ask all the live users to rate your product.

4. Simplify the work for them

Asking them to rate your product and services instead of writing reviews will be a bit simple work to carry out. Flash a message to motivate the customers to review your products. Like, their reviews can guide other customers who were looking to buy the same product.

Thank you, customers!

5. Value positive reviewers

Make it a point to say thanks to all those who write a positive review of your product. Also, customize your rating positively. Like beside clicking stars you can tell them to describe services provided from good to fantastic. Furthermore, don’t forget to give them real-time solution if your customer dissatisfied with any of the features.

6. Send mail to the customers for reviewing

At the time, a customer is receiving services from you don’t fall back in taking their email addresses. The customer email address will be quite helpful in marketizing your product and getting reviews as well. You can ask your customer to give your product a feedback via sending them an email. Email is a convenient way to answer every query from your customers regarding the services. Furthermore, getting reviews through email gives you the choice of whether or not post it on the site.

7. Giving reward to your reviewers

An ingenious approach to get reviews that many believe to be illegitimate is by offering coupons. Despite the fact that it is similar to bribe, many companies are following this trend and many are willing to jump on this bandwagon. Mostly the companies in their initial stage are ready to get positive reviews on their site giving coupons and incentives for the reviews. At the time when marketers give coupons while making purchases boosts its sale. A recent survey discloses that above 90 percent of the shoppers love to shop from the e-commerce brands that offers coupons. In fact, coupons sweep out all other ways of promoting brands.

8. Get a mobile version of your website

It gets easier to interact with phones, and thus the mobile site should be responsive. For that matter, people spend maximum time on this mode to view your product and its reviews other than laptop or desktop. Add a section where a customer can give its star rating in just a few thumbs clicks.


Customer reviews prepare a base for successful business where positive one is enough for marketing the product. Apart from this negative review compel the marketers to make right changes in them. Using the correct strategy, you can get more and more reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor.