4 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Ensure Safety While Driving

Most people think the life of an entrepreneur is always glamorous but being an entrepreneur is rather tasking. You have to manage all the departments at the office, attend to clients while also managing the financial affairs of the business.

Since business growth depends on how well you handle your clients, you have to always be online and respond to clients’ queries within minutes if not seconds. You will also feel the need to regularly check your phone or laptop even when eating or driving.

Unfortunately you often choose to do those on the wrong time and place.

Van driver delivering orders

Road safety vs. getting ahead of the competition

You see, while picking an urgent phone call or replying to an important mail during meals may not be dangerous, doing so when driving can be injurious to you and other road users.

If you’re running a business in California, you know that the word “competition” almost always synonymous with the word “fierce” or “cut-throat.” That’s right, California is full of global companies and numerous startups keep cropping up on a daily basis. In an environment where you need to stay ahead of the competition, entrepreneurs are always running up and down in a bid to impress potential investors.

It is quite easy to spot a convertible speeding down the highway with a young twenty-something clad in a nice tuxedo behind the wheel. While taking calls on the go.

California car accident laws have done their best to ensure that these dream chasers abide by the law but that just isn’t enough. At the end of the day, you life is in your hands and only you can decide to do something about it.

Drive safely. Please.

Here are a couple of tips for busy entrepreneurs like you; to ensure your safety and that of other passengers when you are behind the wheel.

1. Keep your Cell Phone on Silent

A common characteristic amongst businessmen is the need to be on the phone all the time. Entrepreneurs get much more done on their phones than in their office. Some even run their business entirely on their phones without any physical premise. This explains why it can be very tempting to get some business out of the way as you drive to a meeting. However, your desperate attempt to multi-task and utilize your little time may steal your attention from the real task at hand; driving.

Don’t compromise the future of your company and your own future just because of a few phone calls that can be handled later.

2. Don’t Over-speed

For an entrepreneur, meetings and forums are the order of the day. You have to impress potential clients and business partners by always being on time. This is the main reason why you may justify driving way above the speed limit.

As much as time is your biggest asset, your life is worth way more. Speeding is among the leading causes of accidents in the United States and most parts of the world. Instead of the last-minute rush, have your secretary give you a 15 minutes heads up so that you can leave early.

Stylish businessman and his car

3. Follow Traffic Rules

Poor time management as a businessman may cause you to break numerous traffic laws in order to get to a business meeting on time. Careless overtaking, running a red light and driving on the sidewalk are some of the most common. You run the risk of killing a lot of innocent lives including your own when you brush off the very rules that are meant to keep you safe.

4. Don’t Drink and Drive

A significant number of business deals are made during late night dinners where people often take alcoholic beverages. In such circumstances, always remember to take a cab and never make the mistake of driving under the influence. After all, you do not want to spend some weeks in the hospital just hours after bagging that huge deal you were working on for the past few months.

In the contemporary society, there are a lot of travel options such as getting a designated driver or getting a quick Uber cab. Make use of those options.


As an entrepreneur, you will spend most of your life on the road. If anything, you should be the number one advocate for road safety since that is like your second home or office.