6 Essential Car Safety Tips for Entrepreneurs on the Road

Many businessmen nowadays are their own boss. Having created their own businesses, they are independent of corporate structure and dealings. They are entrepreneurs.

Over the last half a decade, a rapidly increasing number of people have been trying their hand at entrepreneurial ventures. Having your own business means you are responsible for the well-being of yourself and your company (and your employees if you hire people to run things with you.) While that means all the risks are on you, that also means that the profits are for you and your team, and all the effort you spend reaps the reward that only you and your company benefit from.

Driving a van

Generally-speaking, a major part of an entrepreneur’s life is traveling. They have to move around for business meetings, dealings, and a plethora of other reasons. Gary Vaynerchuk, a prolific entrepreneur, spend most of his long work hours traveling from one meeting to another, one city to another, one country to another – by cars, commercial flights, even private jets. You need stamina and tools (and a team) to make everything clicks.

Perhaps you’re traveling differently from Gary; perhaps you’re traveling a lot, but you do so on the road, driving your own car from town to town, hundreds of kilometres a day. In this case, it’s important for you to drive with the utmost safety since your life, along with your businesses depend on it.

To remind you with what’s important when traveling by car, our friends at Kwik Fit, one of the leading car servicing and repair companies in the UK, share some car safety tips for all the entrepreneurs on the road:

1. Check your oil before every drive

Engine oil is one of the most important parts of an automobile. It is the key component that helps your engine work smoothly. If you lack in engine oil, or if it needs a change, your car’s performance might suffer, making you miss an important meeting.

Worst yet, your engine might stop working during in the middle of the journey, and you could be left stranded.

2. Clean your windscreen before a journey

Dirty windscreens are one of the most common factors of accidents on the road. A dirty windscreen impairs vision may not let you spot another car or an animal on the road. This can result in an accident. For car safety, always clean your windscreen before a journey.

3. Check brake oil

Brakes require a special lubricant that allows them to perform their function. If you lack in brake oil, your car may not stop when you try to stop it. This can result in accidents even when you are driving properly. Have your breaks checked before setting out on meetings that are far away?

Car tyres

4. Tyre Pressure

Without a doubt, the most important component of all land vehicles is their wheels. The wheels are what help vehicles run. So to make sure you can drive without problems, you need to have your tyre pressure checked. Tyres with less air grip the road less tightly and have a greater chance of bursting from a nail on the road.

5. Tyre Type

Cars use different kind of tyres in different weather. So make sure to use the tyres that work the best in the weather you are facing.

6. Refill Coolant and Other Fluids

Keeping your call cool and less susceptible to heating up is essential. This is a great way to ensure that your engine runs smoothly and does not create problems by overheating.


These car safety tips are necessary for all entrepreneurs on the road to follow. An entrepreneur’s life is the life of an entire business after all.

If you need more pointers, here’s an excellent guide to things you should prepare for a long journey on the road. Enjoy and stay safe!