Fundraising Tips for Non-profit Companies

It’s difficult to devise fundraising initiatives that aren’t expensive, which creates a catch-22 for many nonprofit organizations. It is a challenge that can be addressed with creativity.


To help inspire you, here are some fundraising ideas that will have a big impact:

There’s an app for that!

If you’re using technology to attract funds, you can try building a mobile app for that purpose. Hire a mobile app development firm to help your turning your vision into a fascinating app.

If you need an idea or two, these apps can show you what you can actually do with your fundraising app.  Watch and learn.

Here’s another idea: How about recruiting people who want to join your cause, helping you in raising funds? For this purpose you need to develop a fundraiser portal – pretty similar to this agents/broker portal for insurance firms – that let people join as a fundraiser and collaborate with other fundraisers via the portal.


A raffle is inexpensive and can generate significant funds. People are more likely to buy raffle tickets if the money is going to a good cause. They will be encouraged by the prospect of winning something, regardless of the magnitude of the prize.

Here are some examples of different raffle types you can explore:

  • 50/50 Raffle: This is very cost-effective because you won’t have to buy a prize. Instead, the winner gets half of the money that goes into the pot. This is a great incentive for people that buy tickets.
  • Balloon Raffle: Place raffle tickets in balloons, where people can pop balloons to access their tickets.
  • Potluck Raffle: Ask guests to rate dishes prepared by either you or donators. People can vote on their favorite dish with purchased tickets.
  • Local donations: Ask local business to donate products or gift certificates. Your participants will be excited at the opportunity to win an expensive piece of jewelry, a spa package, or tickets to a ball game.

Merchandise fundraising

This is great for spreading the word about your organization. Though merchandise funding is hardly new, it has revolutionized funding initiatives as technological advancements have made the process easier.

There are various easy-to-use online tools to design specific merchandise which incorporates your branding. You can select from a variety of gear, including coffee mugs, sweatshirts, water bottles, keychains, and much more. Once you’ve decided on appropriate merchandise, you can customize in accordance with your cause.

T-shirt fundraising is a great initiative to achieve two purposes. Not only will you raise money from t-shirt sales, but people who wear your t-shirt will promote your cause! Having submitted your logo with an online designer, t-shirts can be produced cheaply on a mass scale. There are multiple sites that will print your designs for free, which is an ethically considerate motive.



This is a popular method, and for good reason. Crowdfunding can raise a ton of money! Here are the steps involved:

  • Select a crowdfunding platform
  • Create a campaign website to narrate your story, including photos and videos
  • Share this via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook
  • Start raising money

The crowdfunding company you choose will target a particular category. This way you can reach a specific audience to promote your message. Crowdfunding is a fantastic option, because your campaign can go viral. This is pertinent considering today’s “compassion boom.” It’s trendy to contribute to a cause and then share it on social media.

The more you engage with donors, the more you’ll cultivate useful relationships.