5 Benefits of Being a Pilot

For generations before the invention of the airplane, it was humanity’s dream to fly. Since the story of Icarus and his venture too close to the sun, people have been obsessed with the idea of taking wing, just like birds.

While hang-gliding and parachuting offer a bit more of that bird’s-eye-experience, taking a trip in a regular commercial airplane is still a mind-boggling opportunity. People have been getting to and fro on the ground for thousands of years, but it’s only been within the last century that people have been able to buy a ticket and take to the sky.

Aeroplane pilot

For those to whom the magic and wonder of flight appeals, you may have a future in flying. If you’re interested in earning your pilot’s license and working in the air for a living, consider these five benefits of being a pilot.

1. Bragging Rights

We mentioned how long people have wanted to fly, right? If you become a pilot, you can feel pretty great about being the one behind the journey. It’s a job you can be proud of and excited about. From aviation t-shirts to a smile as you go into work, you can wear your job satisfaction like a medal.

2. Flexible Schedule

Did you know that airline pilots typically have two weeks off a month? While the two-to-three weeks you are working involve being away from home, and only a few breaks, many people would love that on-off work schedule. The free time lets you hang out with your family round the clock when you’re home, pursue complex hobbies, or run a small business on the side.

3. Great Destinations

Eiffel at night

If your dream has always been to see the world, commercial piloting could make that happen. Not only do you travel all over the world and get the chance to witness other cultures first-hand, you often get discounts on airline tickets, making it even easier for you to explore far-off lands.

4. Housing Options

If you are hired by an airline base in Denver, CO, you don’t have to live there. Your place of residence can be anywhere in the country, as long as it’s near the airline that employs you. While you’ll still spend plenty of time at your base airport, your home doesn’t have to be anywhere near your job.

5. Long-Term Job

With a pilot’s license, you probably won’t spend your life hopping from job to job, lacking an interest in what you do. If you love a pilot’s schedule, you can work the same job for the rest of your life, and continue seeing new things. Even when you reach retirement age, you may still choose to fly. As long as you’re physically fit and mentally sharp, you can keep flying as long as you like.

Flying for a living could be a fantastic job, and after investigating this list of benefits, you might be interested in learning more. Talk to a pilot or piloting school about what the hour-to-hour job really looks like. After some research, you may decide you want to fly for a living.