Choosing Reputable Care Providers for your Company

Choosing Reputable Care Providers for your Company

Choosing a company doctor is pretty much like choosing one for yourself. Ensuring that your employees can get quality care and not be harmed by a doctor or primary care provider can be daunting. But the reality is that it’s pretty easy to get these tasks done–once you know how.

Employee consulting with company doctor


The key to simplifying this decision is to work through your insurance. You’ll get health insurance through your work or graduate school or–if not through those institutions–on the individual exchange (whether or not it remains mandated by law, it’s always a good idea to have decent health insurance coverage!). Log onto their website or call them up for assistance getting connected with a primary care provider.

Most health insurance websites should have a search tool or–at the very least–a list of doctors that take their insurance. From there, you can narrow things down by looking at reviews and seeking guidance.

Look at reviews

Experts recommend against relying on online reviews alone for doctors and primary care providers, but that may be all you’ve got. That’s okay–just take a look at multiple sites and at review sites tailored to medical services. But better yet is to ask fellow business owners, friends, and family for recommendations.

Other concerns include logistics (how far away is the office) and background in any specialties your health situation renders important. Again, seek for recommendations and analyze online reviews.

Arrange a meeting

Once you’ve found your doctor, arrange a meeting with him/her. Your primary care provider can act as your guide to other doctors, and you can rely on their word (along with your own research) when they refer you to specialists. So, choosing the right company doctor is important, as he/she can offer you beyond medical care and consulting services – e.g., referrals.

Dentist in his office


You can use the same process as outlined above to find a dentist. Look for experts with strong academic backgrounds, suggest providers at a dental school in New Jersey, and rely once again on reviews and recommendations while using insurance participation to narrow things down. If your health insurance doesn’t cover dental work, you may want to get dental insurance. If you’re paying out of your company’s pocket, you won’t be restricted by insurance–but you may care more about fees, which you can call and ask about.

Medical malpractice

Nothing can fully protect you from malpractice, say medical malpractice lawyers in Rochester, but you can do what you can to seek out the most reliable experts. Remember that if you do end up suffering at the hands of a doctor, you’ll have legal options.

Once you’ve found your doctor and dentist, things get a lot easier. If your employees are feeling sick, what they need to do is just stroll down the hallway and visit the doctor’s office.

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