Characteristics of the Best Forex Social Network

As social trading becomes popular by the day, forex social networks are increasing rapidly. Due to this, choosing the best forex social network is becoming an arduous task.

So, how can one choose the best network that fits their requirements? Below is a brief review of the features and tips on how to navigate through forex social networks.

Trader using social trading platform

Making things easier

Compatibility with a wide range of devices is important especially now that many people are increasingly working on mobile devices as opposed to desktops. In the past two years, a variety of apps have released. Some of them have been and continue to be successful.

The ideal app should come with a social trading application model with the capability of operating like a trading concepts brooder. This makes it easy for individuals to go through trades initiated by other traders on the platform.

It also enables them to save the ones they like by swiping in any direction depending on the application design. It should also support discarding by swiping in the opposite direction. It should come with a copy button, where traders can click to copy any trade they are interested in. In addition, apps should come with CYBO, a creative copy trading service which is founded on artificial intelligence.

We need a trading community

Considering that social networks have almost become a basic part of life today, the best forex social network should support a worldwide community for financial investors to interact easily.

In such a setting, traders can easily interact among themselves just like on social media platforms. It should incorporate a news feed to enable individuals to watch and copy traders they are interested in manually. In order to make navigating through the network easy for newbies, it should have various other features which include an unlimited free demonstration account, the copy trading one, regulation of risk, and the opportunity to copy traders automatically for a relative amount.

The market today is experiencing an influx of forex social networks. This has been necessitated by the fact that more people are embracing forex trading. Some of these networks, however, may have some restrictions especially the recently released ones. For instance, they may lack the social concept which is very important in terms of investor trader interaction. If this is the case, it would limit interactions between the two parties hence beating their purpose.

Social trading using smartphone

How to choose the right trading community

Sometimes, investors may have to lay down strategies before choosing their ideal network. For instance, a network may come with an effective payment structure to facilitate the trader’s remuneration but lack the social concept.

An individual may decide to forego the latter according to their requirements. In many cases, it is much more important to protect oneself from exposure and any other risks with a more secure network.

Another important point to consider is the ease of operation and availability of special features such as the binary option, social trading integrated within its system.

A variety of other social features should be included to allow users to interact using signal providers, especially when it comes to reading comments previously left by other investors. The copy trading feature is an important aspect in any forex social trading network. Individuals should research to ensure that it is efficient with an advanced search functionality to enable users to search numerous signal providers, evaluate their strategies in detail, in real time, and personalize money and exposure regulation to copy their achievement.

Both investors and traders may be attracted towards newly released social networks. However, it is important to research and understand the features well. A network that enables investors to clearly view trader’s strategies would be a good choice.

Real trader community is currently working on a plan to ensure that investors can view and own such strategies, and have them displayed on their portfolios. In order to facilitate this, they will need to purchase them from traders they are interested in. The advantage with this is that the value of these plans increase as a result of money received from the plan, which in this case is under the trader’s regulation.


The above considerations are ideal for individuals aspiring to venture in the world of social trading. They are easy to operate and one can read and research exclusively from available online sources before venturing in the same if they are aiming at transforming from novice to professional traders.