Your Landing Page Will Convert 10 Times Better With These 3 Changes

Landing pages are hard to nail. You might be off by one graphic, maybe your form isn’t ‘just right’, or your colour combination doesn’t fit, or the page length is unsuitable. Is your site mobile optimised or responsive?

Landing page conversion

Endless questions; but failure teaches you a lot about growing.

Thing is, though, these questions are small ones. The purpose of your landing page is to get you leads, to get revenues through your visitors. Small tweaks certainly help, but there are some elementary changes that play a bigger role in determining how good your landing page is.

You might have the best graphics and combination of text and forms, but are you fulfilling the needs of your visitors? Are you able to tell them something new, teach them and keep them hooked with knowledge and insights? Can you address their concerns and needs? Here’s 3 quick changes to make you boast of your landing page swagger.

What Do You Need to do?

Right off the bat?

Get your visitors hooked. Be a teacher. Tell them about cool new information that might help them.

If you’re a video production company, tell your visitors how videos are the new fad, what the stats are.

Then address your audience’ needs and pain points. You’re offering a service or a product. What does it do for ‘you’, the customer? Remember, it’s important to address them as ‘you’. Bring in the familiarity.

Once you’ve done this, depending on your market, comes the hardest or easiest stage – the conversions.

Either way, a dab of social/mass input will score you the home run. Use testimonials and genuine feedbacks on your product/service. Review and post case studies. It’s wondrous how much we humans are swayed by number. Or rather, not so surprising considering we’re in the information age.

1. Educate and Engage With Overview Video

Video is your cornerstone. Of all the content mediums, video happens to be one of the most engaging element out there.

Just make a video in relevance to your landing page strategy and make sure to place the video above the fold to grab visitor’s attention instantly.

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Put up a video which describes your product or service and its perks. For products and software you can do animated demos or even live action videos.

Explainer videos are a god-send in clearing a potential customer’s doubts. They are effective and engaging enough to give a thorough and quick heads up of what the customers are signing up for.

Pictures are good but go for videos. Videos are far more engaging and are way better than any other medium at conveying the essence of what you offer. An audio visual medium combined in one.

2. What’s the CTA? Clearly Communicate Your Value Proposition

You have to give some value proposition to the visitors coming to your website. Address pain points. Give them a compelling reason to sign up, buy or heed your call to action.

In an age where everyone is bombarded with information, you need to be clear in what you offer and deliver.

Simple app explainer

Keep a clear CTA, to-the-point copy with precise headlines.

If you’re offering advice on setting up a business, ‘Get free weekly startup tips worth $$$’ would be a much better way to get sign-ups than a generic CTA button saying ‘Subscribe Now’.

Include success statistics, phone numbers and other contact details to make yourself approachable. It builds trust.

Which brings us to establishing yourself through that trust by reinforcing it.

3. Build Trust With Reviews, Success Metrics To Net conversions

Your credibility is what gets you the conversion. It is often one of the most overlooked aspects of a landing page.

Your trust and transparency factor are measured by how well your customers respond to you and your product or service. Your standing amongst your peers as well as other professional bodies affiliated with you affect your reputation in the industry.

Testimonial screenshot

The social approval of testimonials from your target audience builds trust in your potential visitors. Awards, certifications, and leading professionals of your industry claiming your product and its effectiveness establish you as a valid professional player in the industry, which further enhances the trust factor, ultimately leading to greater conversion rates.

Case studies are phenomenal in achieving conversions. We live off number crunching in every business. Businesses need numbers on finances & conversions to gauge success. Same as customers needing numbers on how many have used your service and what is the rate of satisfaction amongst them.

Take samples from your target audience and show the raw numbers. Be careful though, do not give direct links to the numbers you display. You do not want your audience navigating away before a conversion.

If you need to include extra links, do it at the bottom of the page where your visitors are least likely to get distracted.

In short, you need the following:

  • Target audience(customer) testimonials that praise your product & its features.
  • Professional recognition through affiliations, awards, etc to build industry credibility.
  • Your offerings by means of giving trials and demos.
  • Showing legible case studies showing your fact based success.


Your landing page is the hallmark of your achievements of your company. Do it a deserved service and make it presentable. A/B test ideas.

Show the value that you create and how it improves the lives of those who use it. Be genuine and to the point; no beating around the bush. People appreciate simplicity and straightforwardness.

Videos can immensely improve the delivery of your value proposition; use them.

Make sure to give something to your visitors so they see you as a valuable asset. Teach and inform your audience. Be it about some concept or even your own product. Be frugal with words at the top of the fold, but not stingy. Loosen up with words further down in your landing page so your visitors are getting the right information. website

Add social proof on your landing page, get testimonials and build transparent trust and you’ll be on your way to garnering 10 times your normal conversions without breaking a sweat.

Also make sure to have an exit popup strategy- an ebook or whitepaper download offer- to grab prospect’s email id.

Everyone has a different experience. Have a strategy that worked wonders for you? We didn’t mention it? Hit the comments below.