Why Restaurant Owners Should Consider Fixed Seating Arrangements

If you’re a restaurant owner or planning to open your first restaurant, chances are that you’ve thought of different seating arrangements to maximize on the space you have. From fixed seating to movable seating and banquette seating, where you use the interior features of your restaurant space to create unique seating arrangements, there are many options to consider.

Burger joint seating arrangement

Among all the options available, fixed seating is considered by most restaurant owners as the most ideal option. It’s what you’ll find across the hospitality industry, from hotels, pubs, cafes, bars to your favorite corner restaurant in your neighborhood. It’s an iconic feature of any modern interior design for restaurants, because it gives space unique character.

So, why should you consider a fixed sitting arrangement for your restaurant?

Maximize Your Restaurant’s Interior Features

One great thing about fixed seating is that it’s designed to your restaurant’s interior design specifications. Considering that every restaurant is unique, you’ll definitely be able to come up with a seating arrangement that speaks your personal thoughts and ideas. According to a leading provider of seating solutions, you can take advantage of the interior features in your restaurant to create a stylish space with its own unique character: Click here for more.

With fixed seating options, you can easily add some extra seating in an otherwise unusable space in your restaurant. It enables you to utilize all available chair and table space near walls and in corners. With chairs, customers will normally need space to pull them out and sit down, but with fixed corner seats and wall benches, you don’t have to worry about that.

Customers Love Fixed Seating Arrangements

Most customers are more comfortable with fixed seating, because it adds a level of privacy to their dining experience. A corner booth or secluded seating bench on a wall feels more like an enclosed space that’s exclusive to dinners. The spaces you create are wholly for customers, and dinners don’t have to scoot in their chair to make way for other customers.

Privacy when dining is important to customers. With fixed seating, it’s easy to customize your seating arrangement to maximize customer privacy. For instance, you can increase the height of your seats’ back to offer some level of privacy. An online blog notes that booths represent the most efficient seating option when you want to maximize restaurant seating space.

It Makes Group Bookings Easier for You

Every restaurant owner wants to maximize bookings for large groups or parties. What better way to do that than to create some separate space for group dining with fixed seating design. A wall bench at one end of your restaurant could be a great way to make bookings easier. Fixed seating can help you create an exclusive space where groups can dine away from other customers.

Fixed seating is also a great option for children. If your restaurant serves family meals or frequently gets bookings with lots of children, you’ll be able to fit more kids on a bench or fixed wall or corner seating arrangement than you would if you had a chair for each kid. There is no doubt that fixed seating enables customers to easily adapt their seating preferences.

It Looks Great and is Completely Customizable

Simply put, a fixed seating arrangement for your restaurant looks great. The most important thing though, is ensuring that you find a good interior designer and builder who can actualize your ideas and design plans into reality. They should be able to design your furniture to suit your restaurant’s environment, while taking advantage of the key features and the space available.

Restaurant seating arrangement

One of the most unique selling points of having a fixed restaurant seating arrangement is that it’s entirely customizable. You can choose whatever design you want. From rise & fall back seats, embroidery seats, hinged seating to Chester button seats, you have different options to choose from. What matters most in restaurant design is creating a desirable space.