The True Benefits of Digital Signage in Your Store

In any retail environment from boutique to big box formats, getting your customers’ attention can be frustrating. Digital signage has been improving retailers’ ability to get messages in front of their customers’ eyes.

The digital signage market is rapidly expanding. The market is estimated to be worth nearly $33 billion within the next five years. That’s because it works for retailers. But before you invest in digital signage, what’s more important is that you know that your business will see a return on investment.

Digital signage in a retail store

So, is it worth it to buy digital signage for a retail environment? This is what adding digital signage can do for your store.

1. Digital Signage Engages Customers

Customers pay more attention to digital signage than print. In one survey, of the nearly 70 percent of Americans who had recently seen digital video, nearly half could recall the specific ad that was playing. When you’re struggling to even get people to look up from their phones while they shop, that’s impressive.

2. Digital Signage Stands Out

Digital signage is memorable. In a survey conducted by the Outdoor Advertising Agency, they found that digital signage made a bigger impact than online advertising. In fact, 71 percent of respondents said digital signage was more effective than online ads and 46 percent said digital signage made a bigger impact than TV ads.

3. Customers Are Persuaded By Digital Signage

Unplanned purchases can really help your bottom line. According to the Vend Blog, the median weekly impulse buy is $30, and it’s one area where brick and mortar shops far surpass online retail. Well-placed digital signs like shelf screens and countertop screens can give customers that last push toward an unplanned purchase. Nearly 20 percent of customers said that digital advertisements had convinced them to make an impulse purchase.

Digital signage at a clothing store

4. They Motivate Action

Customers are more likely to respond to digital signage when it comes to promotions than they are to static signage. Digital signage is a better way to promote high margin items or get particular inventory items moving.

If you’re ready to invest in digital signage for retail, find out how companies like Netvisual can help you with installation, design, and custom content. Where you buy your digital signage has a lot to do with the success of your new advertising strategy. Everything from content creation to installation and placement will have a lasting impact on the digital signage you use. It helps to hire a digital signage company like Netvisual that also offers its content creation studio to help you generate content for your digital signage. They can help you create engaging ads that make the most of split screens and video wall messaging, as well as assist in the design and placement of digital signs so that you’re making the most of your visual space.

Another must-have feature in digital signage is remote management. Also offered by Netvisual, remote management means that you can control all of your digital signage content from a web portal. No need to talk to designers every time you want to change something. Digital signage should be affordable and effective.