10 Working Time Management Tips

Why is it important to learn some basic time management tips? When you want to do everything, but you do not know where to start from, then you will have nothing done, as a result. It is better to know which one to start with and continue doing this until it is done. Then do it again with the others one by one.

Time management tips

Sometimes it may be necessary to save your time by shifting your duties on somebody else. For example, when you have to order some kind of writing, such as a dissertation, you can ask custom dissertation writing service from experts for help.

If there is no need to shift duties, you can manage time and do your obligations yourself. Swipe below to see the best tips on how to manage time:

  • find out where your time is being wasted

  • start using time management tools

  • learn to be focused on activities

  • prioritize

  • ask for help and/or cooperate

  • write your tasks down

  • set deadlines

  • stop wasting time on waiting

  • make sure your systems are well-organized

  • time is yours: own it

1. Find Out Where Your Time is Being Wasted

People often wonder how quickly time goes without realizing where. This is why you have to do personal research and focus on the things which steal your time. As a rule, meaningless phone calls, extra talk, playing games, surfing the Web, watching different videos, photos, pictures or memes are these the so-called time stealers.

There is no such thing as “you cannot have some fun and be lazy sometimes,” people are alive and need to relax too, but when you have to accomplish your duties, it is quite important to set our “stealers” aside. Find out what stealers are yours and try abstracting from them, when it is needed.

2. Start Using Time Management Tools

The new world has a wide range of smart time management tools that work extra well. They help at becoming more productive. Here are some of them:

  • planners

  • handmade planners (notebooks)

  • apps for smartphones, tablets, and PC

The main thing about time management tools is the necessity of finding a suitable tool for you. If planners or notebooks are more comfortable for you, then choose this option. If phones’ apps are better for you, go there. All strategies are good if they suit you.

3. Be Focused

Do not let the less important things distract you from the most valuable ones.

It is just the place, where our old friends “stealers” come up. The same chit-chats and extra talk with no meaning or social media surfing can easily distract you.

Abstract from them and do what has to be done.

4. Set Priorities with No Second Thoughts

Write your tasks and set priorities: from the less valuable ones to the most valuable ones. It’ll help you with achieving effective time management. Be confident in this area. No second thoughts. Filter unneeded.

5. Ask for Help and/or Cooperate

It happens when people can’t keep up. Then they need help, which can be different: either they ask for help or they cooperate with somebody and do the activity together.

Remember! If you really can’t keep up, DO NOT be confused to ask for some help. People are not robots, neither are you.

6. Write your tasks down

Noting your obligations is needed to avoid forgetting about the tasks of yours.

Do you need more reasons why it counts as a tip on how to manage time better?

7. Set Time Limits

You work smarter and more productively when setting time limits. So, in other words, deadlines stimulate to have your work done just in time or even earlier. Setting limits works like that.

8. Stop Wasting Time on Waiting

You can meet the situation leading you to wait. Imagine how you do some task on your computer, but it suddenly starts having some technical problems. Do not wait until somebody fixes it. In this case, you need to embark on the other project. Why waste time, right?

9. Make Sure Systems Are Well-Organized

Let’s go back to computers. There is always lots of work we have on computers. To work quickly and effectively our systems must be well-organized, so we won’t get lost in all files there.

10. Your Time Is Yours: Own It

Own your time
photo credit: FFCU / Flickr

Last, but not the least tip from us.

Own your time. Nobody can take, waste or steal it, but you.

If you are already here, reading this article, it means you have that fire that tells of spending time properly. Go on.