4 Ways Business Management Software Can Enhance the Customer Experience

Only a decade ago, providing high-quality customer service was perceived as a mere business cliché. However, in today’s digital age, it has become one of the most critical factors in the business world. People are increasingly getting into a habit of keeping track of their online deliveries, the food they order, and pretty much everything they ask for or purchase, in real time.

Such high customer service standards have become the deciding factor in whether people choose to do business with a company or not. Adapting to these high demands can only be possible for a business if they use all-encompassing, innovative technology such as business management software.

Using business management software

Here are four ways that customer experience can improve by implementing this tech into your business processes.

1. Gives Your Customers the Option of Self-Service

Business management software, to a certain extent, helps customers become self-sufficient in their quest for finding and carrying out the perfect transaction. This is something that most people favor.

A reputable software provider would offer a portal feature that allows customers to view their information such as financial history and recent purchases. It would also give them the option to perform routine tasks. For example, if you are a plumbing trade that uses field management software, a customer expects to send out invoices to a particular contractor. Whatever their requirement may be, customers are given the freedom of choice to take a significant number of actions just as they wish.

From a customer’s perspective, a portal feature is a win-win situation as they are given the liberty of selecting anything they like. Moreover, a self-service option allows your business to provide customers the support they need, without the need for human interaction. This means there is less burden on your customer service team. Customer support calls can sometimes, unexpectedly go sour due to numerous reasons. By restricting this process, customers feel more relaxed about approaching a company. It is also a cost-effective option from the business’ point of view.

2. Reduces Customer Response Time

Analyzing the evolving needs of customers is a basic duty that every business must perform, large or small, to be successful. Reputable customer service software stores every single conversation/interaction with a specific customer. This means it is easier to look back and understand their problems, which ultimately, decreases the amount of time a customer needs to wait for an answer. When you choose to implement business management software, it is worth considering the following questions:

  • Does the software make information easily accessible for users?
  • What feature(s) of my business grabs people’s attention?
  • What are my competitors doing that I am not?

When you put yourself in the consumer’s shoes, it is easier to understand what a customer wants the most out of your business and how you can appease their needs.

People value customer response time. In a 2017 report from Statista, it shows (out of 5000 people worldwide) that 48% of respondents expect a response in 24 hours or less. This statistic highlights the demanding customer service level which is expected of businesses. If customers are left waiting too long, they are highly likely to choose another company who answered quicker.

If your business fails to draw the attention of these customers, your competitor, who has been smart enough to invest in business management software, will take that share of the pie.

3. Customer Feedback Is Emphasized

Business analytical software

The ability of the internet to serve as a two-way medium is astounding. Not only are customers able to view information, they can also create reviews regarding the service/product they receive.

Typically, business management software gives users the opportunity to leave feedback. Companies can then use this feedback, good or bad, to their advantage and improve their business. By providing regular updates of the software based on customer complaints, the customer experience begins to improve. It helps in building a degree of trust between your business and the customer. Some business owners argue that customer retention is more important than acquiring customers. Nevertheless, existing customers feel their feedback is actually valued.

4. Offers a Smooth Experience

Be it planning a schedule or tracking your finances, any business management software comes with a plethora of features that enhance your company’s efficiency, which in turn, makes the customer experience better. Service and maintenance businesses generally handle a large number of low-cost projects in a short space of time. Without all-in-one service management software, it is extremely difficult for the managers and back office to keep track of projects. This leads to customers being kept out the loop and unaware of any job updates.

The right business management software can eliminate these trivial problems that hinder the overall customer experience.


While there are other areas that can be exploited to deliver the best customer service possible, business management software is a critical solution to fulfill the modern-day customer’s needs. Make use of it.