How Businesses Can Give Back to the Community

As a business owner, you’re understandably focused on building the best business possible and becoming a reputable brand in your chosen industry. Throughout this mission, make sure you take out time to support your local community, as was the case with the Sullivan Community Space. Gain insight into how businesses, no matter their size, can stimulate positive change in their community.

Giving back to the community through employee volunteering

Participate in Food Drives

If your community ever has a food drive, do what you can to contribute to it and show your good will. Encourage your employees to participate as well, just make sure you check with the organization holding the food drive to see if there are any restrictions and what kind of goods they have the most need for. Just make sure you don’t forget to arrange for transportation for all the items your company has collected.

Sponsor a Youth Organization

Chances are good that there’s a youth organization or sports team in the neighborhood in need of a sponsor. Help kids get and stay active by buying them equipment or supplies. There might also be a youth organization that holds a fond place in your heart that you can offer a space or your storefront to if youth groups need a place where they can raise money selling candy or cookies.

The younger generation is the future of your community, and they can go out and bring about great change in the world later on. There’s a chance you and your business could be instrumental in that change.


If you simply don’t have the money to help support your community, you can donate your time instead. Look for volunteering opportunities for yourself and your employees. Such actions are not only great for the community, they’re also a great way to boost your local reputation.

If there aren’t already volunteer opportunities, you can develop your own. For instance, if you operate an accounting firm, you can offer free classes to help people manage their finances better.

Busy local coffee shop visitors

Support Local Businesses

Yours likely isn’t the only locally-based business in your community. If there’s one you particularly like, be sure to support it. Better yet, do what you can to send some business that way. It could be that this specific business is complementary to yours, such as if you operate a restaurant and the other local business is a music venue.  You can team up together to send each other business and advertise for each other.

Be conscious about how you spend your money, and do what you can to support your local community.

Make It Easy for Employees to Support Their Community

Your employees might like to do more to support the place they live, but it could be that they simply don’t have as much time as they’d like to do so. You can help with this by offering employees paid time off to volunteer within the community. Because you’re offering to pay your team for their efforts, they’re much more likely to take you up on your offer, so do what you can to make it easy for them.

Look for Ways to Address Local Problems

Every community has its share of unique problems. If you’re aware of them, do what you can to solve them. For instance, if you run a restaurant and know there are families and individuals going hungry in your community, you can offer free meals.

Grocery store owners can deliver healthy food to those who lack the transportation necessary to make it to their store. It’s one thing to make yourself aware of a problem your local community has, but it’s something else to take an active role in resolving that issue and expect nothing in return.


Giving to the community is sure to come back to you in the best ways possible. Do your part to turn your business into a pillar of charity and good will where you live.