Top 6 Reasons Video Can Boost Your Start-Up Business

Start-ups are at an interesting stage of the business cycle. This is the point where everything is just starting out, a lot of experimentations are done and learning is in full swing. It is also the point of the business where a template will be set for the future of operations on a learn-as-you-go basis.

Before that template becomes hard-boiled, have you every stopped to think of using video to boost your business potential?

Video shooting and production for business

Yes – video can be one of the most challenging types of content to put together. But have you thought of what you will be missing out on if you don’t use video? Let’s dive into some below.

1. Video Boosts conversions

And your sales too.

Video alone can make you some serious money. It has been established by research that you can increase your rate of landing page conversions by as much as 80% only if you would use a video in it. That is not all though. Videos are also known to lead to direct sales since more than 74% of those who saw an explainer video about a product are more likely to make an instant purchase. Given that vision is the most dominant sense for man, that is not surprising in any way

2. The ROI is great

It is just logical to learn what works for other businesses and modify it to work better for you. We are thus pleased to let you know that video is one of the tools that provides the best return on investment. At least, that is according to 83% of the businesses sampled in a related survey.

The video doesn’t even need to be perfect. People are put off more by videos that do not explain a service or brand more than they are by those with lower resolutions. Now you know where to put your efforts

3. Video has a bigger reach

When you make use of platforms such as YouTube, you get to reach a very wide audience base with your content. Already, the Google-acquired company shows up first in search queries for relevant keywords, meaning you can leverage that to your advantage.

You will then be treated to the global reach of the content platform given its availability in more than 70 countries of the world.

Better still, your audience could make use of a YouTube konverter to get your content in different forms and even share it for you.

Video shooting for a promotional campaign
photo credit: Bill Rice / Flickr

4. Building Trust

As a start-up, people will be skeptical of dealing with your business. Video content is how you can build trust with the people. It shows the human side of the business, gives a face to the brand and allows you reach the emotional sides of potential clients/ customers.

5. Video targets mobile users

More and more people consume content on the go with their mobile devices. The metrics support that your video will be preferred by mobile users since even YouTube states that the rate of video consumption on mobile increases by 100% every year.

Since the number of smartphone users with active internet connections is fast growing, so is your potential customer base – if you embrace the video aspect of your brand marketing, that is.

6. Brand intimation/ explanation

Know this:

Video can explain anything and everything.

Not many internet users prefer the reading of content to watching videos. Even if they did, you will be limited in the kinds of content aspects you will be able to reach with text.

Enter video.

You have all the time in the world to get acquainted with the audience, explain what your start-up is offering and help them see why they need you. You can insert call to action at the end and even embed social media links for proper brand explanation and exposure.

Video editing in progress


Video is challenging to produce, but a must-do as it plays an important role in getting your startup audience engaged. If producing videos is not your forte, you should seriously consider to hire a pro. But before that, consult with your startup advisors, as well as fellow founders for their advice on how to go about with your decision.

Good luck in your endeavor!