Four Things Not to Do When Hiring Someone to Market Your Business

You’ve got a long list of things to do when it comes to hiring someone to market your business, but hiring the right candidate isn’t about knowing exactly what you should do during your search. It means knowing what you shouldn’t do when searching for the right person too!

Here are four things you definitely shouldn’t do when it’s time to look for a new marketing professional to add to your team.

Hiring marketing professional

Only Looking for Candidates Close to Home

It used to be searching for a new employee meant putting an ad in the paper. Even businesses who use the internet are usually looking for people who live in the area to apply for a position. If you’re looking for a marketer, that’s a huge mistake.

You can increase your chances of finding the right person for the job by expanding your reach beyond your city. There are plenty of freelancing websites out there where you can find good marketers, and payment apps like Remitly make it easy to pay an employee who lives halfway around the world.

Not Spending a Lot of Time on the Hiring Process

If you are excited about marketing your business, you probably can’t wait to get started. Unfortunately, the quicker you hire an employee to join your team, the more likely you will be to discover that you’re disappointed with your choice.

Instead, you should improve your hiring process. A few ways to do that include:

  • Clearly define the position and its requirements
  • Test candidates before hiring them
  • Include others in the hiring process
  • Work on creating effective interview questions

Not only can focusing on the interview process help you find the right candidate, it can help candidates determine if you’re a good fit for them as well.

Hiring experienced marketer

Looking for the Most Experienced Person You Can Find

If you take a look at a few job descriptions for other businesses, it becomes clear that everyone is looking for the person with the most experience. That’s not necessarily a good thing.

Instead, you should focus on hiring someone who’s willing and excited to learn on the job. That way you can work with your employee to become the best fit for the job instead of hiring a know-it-all who is set in their ways.

Looking for the Perfect Fit

Although you should spend plenty of time on the hiring process, that doesn’t mean you should let it drag on for months in an attempt to find the perfect fit. It doesn’t exist.

Instead, focus on one thing you want your new employee to do well, and be willing to let some of the rest of that stuff go. You simply won’t find everything you want in a single person!

A marketing professional can be the perfect addition to your team, as long as you take the time to hire the right person. With these tips, you can avoid the common pitfalls of hiring someone to market your business.