Productivity-Boosting Office 365 Features You Probably Don’t Know About

With Microsoft Office 365, you don’t just get things done more efficiently, you also get them done with flair.

More than the obvious features of word processing, you’ll know that Microsoft’s world-famous productivity suite is also capable of a plethora of very useful tools and features that will get you working smarter and quicker in the cloud. While any user can quickly grasp how the suite works complete with the ins and outs of keyboard shortcuts, there are many hidden gems that will allow you to maximise the use of your Office 365.

Office 365

Here is a couple of productivity-boosting offices 365 features you probably don’t know about that will spark your creativity when you’re in a rut as well as max your enterprise productivity in the cloud.

1. Make your inbox to declutter itself

If you’re keen on keeping your inbox neat and clean, then Office 365’s Clutter can help you. The feature expertly keeps track of the emails you read as well as those that you don’t, Clutter seamlessly works with Microsoft Outlook inbox.

It can filter low-priority conversations, spam, or even unwanted messages so you can focus on the important ones. The feature automatically pushes less urgent emails as they arrive onto the clutter folder. Now you can choose whether to delete them or read them later.

2. Improve your to-do lists

To-do lists are a great tool, especially if you can manage them well. OneNote is perhaps the Microsoft productivity app that you’re probably taking for granted.

Microsoft OneNote makes it easy to focus on to-do lists and combine them with your work, allowing you to concentrate and do your tasks quicker. It may look like a simple word processor on the surface, however, with multimedia embedding, handwriting recognition and a plethora of other features, OneNote offers more than just a simple app for jotting down notes. Check it out!

3. Reduce bulky email attachments

Email attachments still happen, but they should stay in the past. If you want to share a document, presentation, note or spreadsheet, simply save your file to Office 365 and send out an email through Microsoft Outlook to share the file in the cloud. By default, Outlook grants permission to the person you’re looking to share the link with. Of course, you can change access rights anytime you want.

Microsoft Office Powerpoint

4. Maximise your PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint Designer makes your presentations pop with. The nifty Office 365 productivity tool provides automatic choices of how to best show off an image that you put into the presentation. You can use the capability to get through and create polished presentations quickly without all the fuss.

5. Collaborate on Word documents in real time

Microsoft introduced real-time collaboration in Office Online since office 2016, which as the name suggests, allow you and your team to collaborate on documents in real time.

Real-time co-authoring in Word, just as with Google Docs, lets you work with your team online and build documents together. You can also save files to OneDrive or SharePoint thanks to an integrated sidebar. You can also directly share them from within Word without having to go back and forth between applications.

Ready to take advantage of Office 365 features? You can quickly purchase your Office 365 at Harvey Norman today. It takes training and time to get familiarise your team with the new features in Office 365. Whether you’ll use it as a personal tool or for business dealings, Office 365 can help streamline your processes and boost your enterprise productivity.