15 Defining Features of a Spectacular Website

A website acts as the first connection between your business and prospective customers. Since the first impression is usually the last one, you must ensure that your site is above standard. You can DIY the process or hire any Digital Marketing Agencies, such as Digitawise – go here to visit their website – your choice. Either way, you need to be aware of the characteristics of a great site, as follow.

Website design layout

What Does a Great Website Have?

1. Unique Content at All Times

All fantastic websites have regularly updated and relevant content to keep users engaged. Original content also draws regular traffic to the site.

2. Functionality

All aspects of a good site have to work flawlessly. Hence, ensure that both internal and external links work.

3. Easy/ User-Friendly Navigation

A good site allows customers to find their desired content or items easily. In fact, it has a visible search box whereby customers or users key in what they want when they visit the site.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO comes in handy in ensuring that your website can be found and ranked high in search engine results. As such, it is a vital element for a website.

5. Includes Social Sharing Tools

Incorporating a social sharing plugin makes a website stand out. Thanks to this feature, users can share your site’s content with their networks, connections or friends.

6. Keeps Target Audience in Mind

Knowing your target audience helps to spearhead your site’s design. For instance, a website targeting brides should have a feminine touch in terms of the colors and graphics used.

7. Browser Compatibility

Make sure that your website is compatible with all the popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, Google, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. The experience of accessing your site through different browsers has to be consistent.

8. Simple but Professional Design

Good websites have legible content, high-quality imagery, well-contrasting colors andexcellent content organization. They also eliminate clutter to avoid confusion.

9. Security

If you use your site to sell goods online, then it must be secured using an SSL certificate. It encrypts your interactions with customers, which eliminates the fear of providing sensitive details like social security number.

10. Tracking

Successful sites utilize tracking tools such as Google Analytics to collect data regarding the pages viewed, the number of site visitors, keywords searched, etc. By using such data, they can boost their user experience.

11. Point of Contact

Having a Contact US or Feedback Form makes your website spectacular. Through such features, users can leave their queries or valuable recommendations. Additionally, an ideal website has multiple options for contacting the relevant company such as its address, email, telephone numbers and social media handles.

12. Optimized for Mobile Devices

Ensure that your website is compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It must also be compatible with different operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows, etc.

13. Clear and Concise

Keep your content concise and straight to the point. By skimming, users ought to understand who you are, what you offer, how to buy or where to find you.

14. Excellent Hosting Services

Host your site with a mainstream provider to prevent loading speed issues. Poor hosting can affect a website’s ranking on search engines since slow sites are annoying.

15. Incorporate Testimonials

Testimonials play a significant role today, especially in compelling potential customers to trust a website, its services, and products. Hence, include genuine customer testimonials on your site.


From the above list, it is evident that a spectacular site goes beyond just cool animations and fancy graphics. It’s more about creating an unforgettable user experience to keep customers coming back.

Are you ready to engage your customers today?