The Executive Suite – How to Maintain a Professional Business Image

Those operating businesses in the United States understand the importance of projecting the right image to the public. For many businesses, conveying the right image to the public includes finding premium office space. Unfortunately, especially if working in a major American city, many businesses are forced to pay premium prices to work in some of the more affluent areas.

Fortunately, finding office space for rent is not an impossible feat, especially when there are so many serviced office companies around today. In addition to the newer office formats, the executive suite is a tried and true office space that offers professionals many benefits. Furthermore, one of the major benefits is that it establishes a professional image.

Business team in an executive suite

Let’s take a look at how your executive suite can help you maintain a professional business image and ultimately bring your business more opportunities.


As we already mentioned, prime commercial real estate can cost a business a lot to lease. However, a more inexpensive option is to lease space that is already furnished and that comes with many of the standard office features, including world-class internet services, cable and utilities. For one monthly payment, professionals can lease space in some of the more attractive, highly sought after business districts.

If leasing through traditional means, businesses might spend a couple of thousand once a month when totalling expenses. Furthermore, if the business’s budget is tight, this prices their business right out of some of the more exclusive areas. With the executive suite, businesses get the advantage of being located in prestigious business districts at the fraction of the cost of leasing through traditional means.

Internet Service And Technology

Another factor that can make your business more professional, or give off the appearance of professionalism, is the quality of internet services provided to your business. With the executive suite, many outfits offer business some of the best in internet services, often with high-speed Wi-Fi. In addition to the service provider, the business gets the benefit of a support staff that can help you with any of your technology needs.

Additionally, many of the conference and meeting rooms are state-of-the-art and contain equipment that can make any meeting or presentation go smoothly. In addition to smart stations, video-conferencing technology is available for those who need to meet with others in multiple locations with some of the better fit-outs can offering all or most of these amenities. The type of technologies that come with these offices are current and reflect that the business does use current technologies.

Support Staff

As a part of your package, many leasing companies provide their renters with a highly-skilled receptionist and other support staff. Depending on where your office is in the country, these staff members are often bilingual. For professionals doing businesses in other parts of the country, or the world for that matter, support staff that can project professionalism can do wonders for your own company’s image.

Meeting with business team overseas

International Accommodations

While smaller outfits might offer you competitive packages, the larger leasing companies can offer you a great package that gives you access to offices around the world. This is especially beneficial if you or any of your employees have to travel extensively. Essentially, a person with an office in one location in the United States can reserve space in another country, and while there typically is a charge, it is more convenient than many other options.

Projecting A Professional Image To Your Public

The executive office suite is a great option today for most businesses, even in a day and age where alternative, trendy formats are cropping all over the country. The executive office provides smaller businesses with the means to lease space without forgoing quality. These fully-furnished, fully-equipped spaces can help your business make a great first impression on clients.