Running a Lending Business? Streamline Your Business Process with TurnKey Lender

Running a lending business is a challenging feat, especially when it comes to taking care of the approval process. That’s why you need to leverage a tool for streamlining the whole process.

TurnKey Lender Lending Software is an intuitive online lending software platform that cuts the loan approval process from up to 10 days down to 30 seconds in most cases. The cloud-based platform is accessible 24/7, from any device, anywhere in the world an Internet connection exists.

Lending business

While TurnKey Lender’s software is robust enough to streamline the lending process for the biggest lenders out there, it’s also affordable enough to allow startups and medium-sized lenders the ability to enter any lending-based industry without the need to develop their own platform.

Multi-Industry Support and Limitless Customization Ability

TurnKey Lender’s lending software is built with the needs of the following industries in mind:

  • Retail
  • Payday loans
  • Alternative lending
  • Medical and dental
  • Auto leasing and financing
  • SME lending
  • P2P lending
  • Direct lending
  • Banking institutions
  • Microfinance
  • Telecom
  • Student loans

There’s really nothing the software cannot do to help small and medium-sized lenders completely automate the approval and monthly upselling process. TurnKey Lender offers the ability to connect with credit agencies and pull FICO scores straight out-of-the-box, in record-breaking time! Even better, this platform’s support team is able to create custom functions for users quickly, whenever missing elements are discovered.

Complete Solution for Lenders

The flexibility offered by TurnKey Lender is where the software really shines. While competitors in this space offer functionality based on common-held standards and efficiencies, they lack the ability to tailor-make and fine-tune the application to target a financial product to niche consumers.

It’s important to note that customization isn’t built into the entry price point, but this is far from a negative when considering the platform allows for limitless customization as your lending business grows. The product is built from units — you can start out with as little or as many units of functionality as you need, then add more as the business grows.

Essentially, you start out with whatever basics you might need to get your business running and in the black, then TurnKey Lender’s development team will work with you to adapt that base into the fully automated lending approval and financial upselling software your business needs to succeed and fully service its clients.

Free Trial Allows Users to Decide Without Pressure

After signing up for a free trial, the following features are immediately available to get your lending business up and running:

  • Lightning fast loan processing
  • gOrigination management
  • Amortization scheduling
  • Application management
  • Automated fund distribution
  • Collateral tracking
  • Collections management
  • Fully functional customer database
  • Fee management system
  • Investor management

Great for Online and Offline Lending Support

Consider the high cost associated with hiring a developer to build and maintain a proprietary lending solution. Or, the frustration of trying to learn a platform that offers options you’ll likely never use. TurnKey Lender is the best solution for upstart lenders and established medium-sized businesses that need software to evaluate and manage their client’s lending needs.

Since the software is built to work exclusively in the cloud, you never have to worry about carrying around a clunky laptop to meetings, or forcing clients to physically meet with you just to determine if they are eligible to take advantage of your lending products. With TurnKey Lender ready and waiting, your business will save countless hours of time on the phone, driving to meet clients, setting aside office time for them, and most importantly: reduce days of approval waiting times down to literal minutes.

Turnkey Lender

TurnKey Lender Benefits You and the Customer Equally

The software won’t just increase operational efficiency across the board, your business’s portfolio yield will grow by leaps and bounds. TurnKey Lender’s proprietary and highly-refined predictive scoring models ensure you only lend funds to the most reliable and profitable customers. You quickly assess a client’s viability and then capitalize on the best rates and terms that are beneficial to you as well as your client, without waiting days and weeks to make a decision — Ie., longer wait times can create issues as market conditions may change significantly from the assessment to final approval process.

It all comes down to the right lending software allowing you and the customer to get the best rates and terms available during the signing process. This is accomplished by faster approvals and accuracy of information, inevitably leading to more first pass approvals, increases in lending agreements signed, fewer issues arising from mistakes during the signing process, and a reduction in the likelihood you’ll have to suffer losses related to fluctuating interest rates.

A few interesting statistics are highlighted on the TurnKey Lender website, as they relate to benefits their average client gains from using the cloud-based platform:

  • Operational efficiency grows, on average, by 283%
  • Portfolio profitability grows, on average, by a whopping 49%
  • Customer lifetime value can grow by 67%

Request a free trial today and an account executive will contact you shortly to discuss your needs and how TurnKey Lending software can help you meet your business’s unique requirements.