CanvasChamp Puts Your Digital Art on Your (Real) Wall

How vital is wall decor to the interior of a building? What is the suitable art to put up on your office walls? These are questions you must consider before deciding on your office decor. Unfortunately, answering such questions have never been easy.

What you put on your office wall reflects your company values. It also depends on your personal taste. It could also be seasonal.

So, how to go about with such ‘problem’? According to our friends at Canvas Champ, the answer may lie in digital wall art.

The original:

Digital wall art

The print (taken with a less-than-great point-and-shoot):

Canvas wall art

Close up view

Wall art printed on canvas

Why digital wall art?

If you happen to work in an industry that is more creative in nature such as graphic and fashion design, architecture or advertising and marketing – digital art is a brilliant way to showcase the creativity that your company stands for. Moreover, working in a space that is interesting and layered will also nurture and inspire creativity from your employees, and hence be a great investment in the long run.

Perhaps the most significant upside is the ability for you to create your own canvas prints, in any ways you like it, anytime you want it – without the hefty expenses for doing so.

A branding tool

Digital art is a great way to embellish the walls on an indoor space. The importance, as well as the type that can be put up on walls, differ significantly in the company, industry as well as the department of the company in which the walls are situated.

Perhaps what you’re looking for is not only for ‘beautifying’ your office rooms, but also a medium for enforcing your brand image. If you happen to have a specific brand image in mind and want to build upon that within the office premises.

Using digital wall art, you can communicate a specific message within a certain room — perhaps to potential customers — this would be another great opportunity to use it for your benefit.

Enforcing company values

Digital art that is used to align an office with a brand image is a great way to keep the workplace interesting as well as consistent with your company’s values. Moreover, your employees (old and new) will now have a good idea of what exactly your brand is so they can subconsciously reference that in their own work.

Office wall art installation

Choosing the right kind of digital art

The type of digital art you choose for your walls is also an essential factor. The problem is, there is a lot to choose from. Canvas Champ, for example, offers a range of options from Acrylic, Framed and Wood Prints to ensure that you can choose the ones that are apt for your particular situation. It’s all about design and style, so talking with an interior designer may help you out.

Then there are technical considerations you should be aware of. The printing technology Canvas Champ used for the canvas banner printing is latex printing and eco-solvent. As opposed to other sellers who may use cheap plastic-based canvases, the company uses cotton-blend material for both canvas banners and canvas prints.


At the end of the day, the digital art you use for your office space is based on the end users (customers or employees) – and the feeling you want them to have when they happen to be near that wall, or in that room.

If you’re looking to say goodbye to the monotonous office walls that inspire nothing in your customers or your employees – CanvasChamp is a reliable option to order digital wall art from. The company makes it easy for you to access all your options and offers high-quality digital art that is going to change the appearance of your office for the better radically.

Be it canvas prints, acrylic prints, wood prints or wall displays – Canvas Champ has it all and so much more to ensure that your office space visually represents the values and brand image of your company.