6 Things You Can Do to Make Your Employees More Productive

6 Things You Can Do to Make Your Employees More Productive

Managing your employees is extremely significant to keep your company thriving. You cannot grow your company unless you have a solid team that is always ready to serve your clients.

Happy and productive employees lead to greater company revenue and growth. According to statistics, organizations with highly engaged employees had 2.3x revenue growth when compared to companies that has poorly engaged employees.

Productive and engaged employees

Maximizing your employees’ abilities and increasing their productivity is an extremely difficult task, especially if you don’t know how to do it.

To help you in this regard we have compiled a list of 6 things you can do to make your employees more productive.

1. Communicate With Your Employees

Communicating with your employees is the first thing on our list. According to statistics, productivity improves by 20-25% when you have a strongly connected team.

Make sure to create an environment where employees are given the importance that they deserve.

Ask for their opinions on matters that can affect them, such as policy changes. This will give them a sense of belonging and make them feel connected.

Communication is very important at every step. You need to tell them what you need done for them to be able to provide you with what you need.

Also, try to have written communication. It might be a bit slow, but it has its own benefits. Firstly, you will have a proof of everything. Secondly, all the parties can revisit printed or written documents which helps reduce mistakes.

2. Good Environment For Work

Work environment is one of the most commonly overlooked factors when it comes to employees productivity.

Make sure that your office has access to natural light. It helps keep people happy, active and safe.

Consider using various color schemes and textures in your office. Studies show that this can help increase productivity by 12%. Stay away from dark colors as they can make people drowsy.

3. Keep Work Environment Free From Distractions

Oftentimes workers get distracted from their work which can lead to loss of productivity. According to a survey of 10,500 workers in 2014, it was discovered that employees were interrupted every 11 minutes.

Consider asking your employees to put their cellphones to vibration when working. Try reducing outside noises which can distract your workers. All these are distractions that can be easily controlled.

Working with high-end laptop and desktop

4. Give Your Employees Access to Better Technology

Are your employees working with technology which is slowing them down? Do their old desktops hang more than they should and interrupt their work?

Consider investing in technology that can automate and speed up your employees’ tasks. This can save your employees’ time which can be invested in more important tasks.

Moreover, train them on how to use technology in the right manner. This is very important otherwise introducing tech will not be of much benefit to you.

5. Don’t Overload Your Employees With Work

Overloading your employees’ with too much work can cause them to be unproductive and lose ability to focus on one task. According to studies, about 57% of employees are said to be overworked and almost all of them are typically disengaged.

Overloading can significantly decrease productivity. Studies suggest that work overload decreases productivity by 68% in employees.

Multitasking drains their energy and divides their focus. Moreover, it leads to unnecessary stress which further decreases productivity.

Consider assigning only one task at a time to your employees. This will allow them to focus and invest their entire energy on one particular task.

6. Appreciate Your Employees And Invest in Them

Appreciate your employees’ for the good work they do. This recognition can motivate your employees to keep being productive.

You can do this by giving gifts such as name necklaces, books or dinner vouchers.

In addition to this, consider offering your employees’ training workshops to help them improve their skills, which can help improve their productivity.

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