Moving Your Business Right: How to Relocate Your Office Flawlessly

After months of scrupulously searching for your new office, you’ve finally secured the workplace of your dreams. A new chapter in the life of your company is about to begin, and you and your employees are undoubtedly beyond excited.

Now that you’ve scouted out your new workplace, your attention must turn to actually moving there. With research showing that three quarters of small and medium-sized companies fear how stressful an office move will be, you’re in good company if you’re worried about relocating too.

Business relocation to new office

But fear not, our guide to moving will give you the advice you need to relocate without any hiccups.

Make a plan and stick to it

As the old adage goes, “By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail.” This rings particularly true when it comes an office move. Taking into account the whole process, from locating a suitable property and agreeing lease terms, to finalising the fit-out and actually moving, relocating often takes an entire year. A lack of preparation can seriously impact on your business operations, meaning planning ahead of time is absolutely imperative to effectively managing all of the different stages.

In order to formulate a plan, create a timeline which takes into account each key stage of the office move, like lease termination and final completion dates, and assign a leader and planning team for the process. As part of your planning, it is advisable to collect as much information as possible on your new premises. There may be existing problems that you need to address prior to moving, such as a lack of storage or walls that need painting.

These tasks will eat into your time, so it is crucial that they are earmarked well in advance. You’ll also want seating plans and new equipment organised prior to the move. Of course, even the best laid plans can still fall by the wayside, but having a general outline of what you need to do can only be beneficial in the relocation process.

Bring in the experts to move office possessions

If you have a considerable amount of equipment to relocate, there will be a large number of items which could become damaged during transit. Professional removal companies can almost guarantee against any destruction of your property, thanks to their experience and expertise. Some, such as Evolve Relocation, can also remove some of the stress of the process by assigning dedicated project managers for office moves.

If your office move is on a smaller scale, however, you might be better off handling the move alone. But if you do think you need help from professionals, there are several more reasons to hire a removals company that will make doing so more than worthwhile.

We are moving!

Let clients know you’re moving

When the moving date is finally set in stone, it is essential that you make clients aware of it. The day itself and the surrounding period of time can be very disruptive to your operations, both when you’re boxing up the old office and making yourself at home in the new one. Therefore, it’s probably a good idea to postpone or cancel any client meetings scheduled at your office during this time, or instead try to meet at an external venue. As well as this, you should inform your clients of all your new contact details, as well as updating your website and Google listings.

Office moves are undoubtedly one of the most stressful experiences your business can go through. However, by making a comprehensive plan, hiring removal specialists and letting your clients know about the about the move in advance, you can reduce disruption to your business and ensure the relocation goes as smoothly as possible. Happy moving!