9 Tips to Make Your App a Hit: Understanding The Process Significance

Developing a mobile app from scratch based upon a certain unique idea takes a lot of effort. Right from the phase of ideation to the phase of business continuation and evolution of your app, you come across a lots of micro-managed aspects that needs to be taken care of.

Mobile app development process

Mobile application development is a process where –

  • 60% of your time is spent on framing the optimized execution strategies
  • 30% time is spent on developing the product where you write code and make the first iteration of the product


  • The remaining 10% time is spent on improving the app through a well-established feedback mechanism.

App development is a continuous process of prototyping your idea, optimizing it further and further and reaching to a point where you have the first MOST OPTIMIZED version of your mobile app. There are mainly 9 essentials steps involved in the development of any successful mobile application. Each of the steps constitutes the entire mobile app development process. It’s time to understand why each process is significant for the overall success of your app.

App development process - infographic

It’s important to determine a clear idea for your app because of two reasons –

  • It helps you to formulate a crystal clear vison about the ultimate goal you want to accomplish.
  • It sets you in the direction where you aspire to bring a change in the market. You clear out your domain in which you want to move ahead to establish something that doesn’t exist yet.
  • An idea set you apart from the rest. So your app idea will be your identity and your reality that you want to establish.

Not only having an app idea is enough but determining whether it is genuine and original is also a big part of the overall app development process. That’s because –

  • An original and genuine product has higher probability of success.
  • You don’t have to worry about copyright claims at any single instant from competitors.
  • An original idea is the footprint of change. If your idea is original and genuine you can be 100% sure that the change which you want to bring in the market through your app, will definitely be a reality.

After you have determined the originality and genuineness of your app, you need to bring your ideas into pen and paper form. Basically you need to do sketching and drawing. There is a difference between the two –

Sketching is the process where you give your ideas a rough pen and paper shape. If you just want to keep your ideas to yourself then go for sketching.

The significance is –

  • It helps you to clearly understand what you want to create.
  • You become much more aware about each and every aspect of your app when you see a pen and paper form of your ideas.
  • You can iterate more efficiently and effectively. Feedback incorporation process becomes simplified.

On the other hand, drawing is the process where you create structured interfaces for your sketched out ideas. Drawing is required when you present your ideas to your stakeholders and other members of the team. Drawing has a significance of its own –

  • It helps to establish a synchronization between you and your stakeholders so that you all stay on the same page.
  • You will be clearly able to present your thoughts to your stakeholders and for them understand becomes easier. Your stakeholders will be easily able to understand your perception if you go with drawing your sketched out ideas and thoughts.
  • It allows you to comprehend the graphical flow of your app in a tidier and organised manner.

After you are done with sketching and drawing, the next phase it to research the market and completion. It is a highly significant phase in the app development process because –

  • It helps you to understand the reality of the market.
  • It makes you aware of your competitors and how they are conducting themselves.
  • You can figure out your mode of survival in the market and how you want to approach your users. You can easily formulate strategies, methodologies and direction to follow.
  • Market research helps you to formulate your brand story.
  • You get a clear sense of purpose regarding WHY YOU WANT TO CREATE YOUR APP in the first place.
  • Your app gets the chance to become the best mobile marketing tools that has ever existed in the market.
  • You figure out your business model to drive sales and generate revenue.
  • Last but not the least, market research helps you to formulate the best strategies for in-app monetization to kick start revenue generation before you begin your sales.

Then we move to the User Interface designing where we design the actual graphical interface for our app. This is the highly significant component of your app because it –

  • Is the frontend of your app through which your user will interact with your business.
  • Acts as the driving force that connect users and the service you provide to bring a change you have always aspired.
  • Plays a vital role in generating traffic for your product.
  • Acts as the most effective means to get feedback from your users.

App development

Until now everything is fine. But Now comes the most importance phase which can either make your app a hit or break your dreams forever – Selecting the right TECHNOLOGY PARTNER. This is a highly significant phase in your entire app development process because –

  • Technology partner will develop your app. They will code and bring your idea to reality. So you need to choose the best which has great competencies and skillset.
  • It helps you to step foot in the market with a more effective approach as they will better help you strategize from the technology perspective.
  • Your technology partner acts as the bridge between your app idea and your users. Without this bridge you cannot bring your idea into the hands of millions.

So now you have reached to the end of development phase where you have your app right in your hands. The most critical aspect now is to maximize its performance. You ask why? Because –

  • A high performing app has more chances of becoming a success.
  • It will be compatible on multiple devices and platforms.
  • You will be able to run your app on across multiple networks such as 2G, 3G, 4G.
  • Your phone will be least likely to crash due to your app while you operate it.
  • A high performing app consumes less memory and battery. So you can expect to have a significant portion of your battery and memory available for other tasks.

Now comes the D-Day. When you launch your app in the market. But before that you need to research and figure out the best time to gain more users. Launching your app on the right time has a lot of significance to your app development process. That’s because –

  • You can gain more users quickly and effectively.
  • You can make your users to stay with you for long. User retention increases significantly if you select the most optimized launch time for your app.
  • Capturing the market becomes easier. You can give tough competition to your competitors.
  • You can expect to have boom in your sales and revenue. Prospects of making a higher profit also increases.

This is why it is highly important to launch your app at the right time. Believe me it can save you a lot of trouble.

But your job doesn’t end here. The last step is to provide effective customer support to your users. A well-functioning customer support and feedback mechanism is important because you will be able to –

  • Solve the issues of your users and make their life easier.
  • Retain your users for long.
  • Evolve your product based upon continuous feedback from your users.
  • Become the best in your market segment.

Now is the time when you can sit back and relax. By this time if you have successfully gone through all the phases, there is no doubt you will not succeed in making your app a hit in the market.

Girl using mobile app

9 Tips to make your app a hit is one of the most effective guide to help you create a successful mobile app from scratch. Each of these steps must be followed as mentioned in detail to come up with a successful app that has less chances of failure.

Success or failure of a mobile app boils down to simple key aspects. So all you need is a crystal clear understanding of each of them at the minute level so that you prevent any kind of mistake during the process.