Building a Sales Team? Start on The Right Foot

A business needs a good sales team in order to thrive – that’s the bottom line. You may have a product that seemingly sells itself, but even then a great sales team is fundamental in widening the company’s reach and ensuring its longevity.

If you are a sales manager, you understand the importance of a good sales team. But building one isn’t as simple as hiring the first person who hands you an impressive CV and then hoping for the best. It’s a process that begins with some self-assessment and continues through to the onboarding phase (and beyond).

Charismatic sales team

This article will look at a few of the key actions required to build a successful sales team.

Identify Your Needs

Determining the size and nature of your sales team is the all-important first step. How many salespeople will you need, and what kind of experience would you like them to have? If augmenting an existing sales team, ask yourself what qualities might be missing from your current team, and aim to fill those blind spots.

Contact A Sales Recruitment Company

Since a sales team is almost singlehandedly responsible for making a company its money, and is therefore fundamental to its success, no risks should be taken in recruitment. Hire a knowledgeable, capable and far-reaching sales recruitment company like Sales Talent Agency and have them cull from their massive talent pool the right fit for your sales team.

It’s difficult to stress the importance of finding the right candidate. You not only want a candidate that has a proven track record, but one who will fit into your particular work culture, who will thrive in your company’s environment. This will benefit the entire sales team and ensure that you aren’t back to square one in a few months, looking for a new candidate because the last one didn’t work out. Really want to start on the right foot – go with a sales recruitment company.

Have A Repeatable Hiring Process

Using a sales recruitment company is part one of your repeatable hiring process. The second part is to develop a repeatable interview process. The Medium article linked in the previous sentence recommends profiling your ideal candidate, creating a rubric for scoring candidates, and developing a core set of questions you can ask that will help you determine a candidate’s fit.

Creating a repeatable hiring process ensures consistency – think of it as the sales equivalent of quality control.

Employee onboarding

Be Thorough In The Onboarding Process

Finding the right candidate is all well and good, but you have to give them the necessary tools in order for them to succeed and flourish. Familiarizing new hires with the tools and processes specific to your sales team is important.

Make sure they understand your value proposition and understand the nature of your customers. Don’t just drop them in the deep end and scold them when they mess up – give them ample opportunity to learn from more senior salespeople.


Any company serious about driving growth knows that a stellar sales team is fundamental to success. If you are in charge of building a sales team, follow these few key actions and watch your sales team grow the right way.