Increase User Engagement on Your Website

There is a continually growing amount of content online. It is becoming increasingly difficult and more competitive to distinguish your website. To direct viewers and readers, as well as retain their audience and instigate their interaction, is also tough. It requires continued, quality content to maintain engagement.

There’s isn’t a way to cheat this but there a few additions to your pages that will make it much easier.

Social media engagement

Social media walls

If you haven’t heard of social walls before, they are certainly worth checking out. Their social walls are an organised space than aggregates your chosen content from across multiple social media platforms into one space. By choosing profiles to draw from, or an associated hashtag, an embedded wall on your site will bring together all associated media, be it video, image, or text.

The resulting feed can be designed and curated to your style, allowing you to present all content, including any chosen sponsored posts you might want to add, to fit your website’s aesthetic.

Social media walls

Collecting and curating content

Using a wall means you can collate content from across your own social media into one place. Alternatively, you can generate discussion by collecting media on certain topics.

If your website is fashion based, then you could organise for all #MetGala posts, across multiple platforms, to be presented on your wall. Or, if you want to promote sports discussion, #WorldCup and #SuperBowl will work too. You also have absolute ability to moderate the posts that appear, so you can focus on the most appropriate and best content. This is a great way to initiate and sustain engagement, that helps users feel more involved in the conversation.

Influencer and hashtags

Driving more engagement

Engagement is also fuelled by user interaction. Your audience can participate on the discussion as they please, allowing them not only to share their thoughts and content on your wall, but also to interact with others on the subject., for instance, promote the idea of the social wall being akin to a campfire, and it’s an appropriate image. Whether you’re discussing a trend or promoting an update, it’ll be easier for your audience to view the conversation, aggregated and presented, on your wall, as opposed to being spread across multiple media platforms.

The option is available to choose, not only a major hashtag, but also one of an event or campaign, which can be extremely helpful in promoting an online mission or goal. You can engage your audience to create their own content, by sharing it on social media, and having it appear on your wall, which would be the focal point.

The personal hashtag being adopted by users is an more organic method of promotion and the results can be fantastic.

It’s super easy to set up and embed

Setting a wall up is simple. They’ve made it easy to create and maintain, whilst also offering any support you may need. It’s a fresh and exciting way to present your social media and website’s content, one that allows for many practical applications to increase your interaction and user base, keeping you distinguished and recognised online. embed menu


Tools like were developed with the premise that it shouldn’t be difficult to get website owners in adopting a tool that can improve user engagement – almost instantly.