Business Translation: How to Do It Within Budget

Businesses have a great need of translation services and currently they have the bulk of content that they need to be translated. This is because businesses are conducted all over the world and all the international interactions come with a need to translate content, mostly from English into the language of the market being targeted, or from any language into English if a local business aims at internationalization.

Business translation service provider

Universal Translation Services has seen that companies have a diverse need for translation services that keep them on the outlook for good translation service providers, and the need for translation continues to grow in the business sector. Some of these expected services are;

Legal Translation

The translation of legal documents from their base language to the language of the country the business ventures into. This may include a wide range of documents such as permits, contracts, trademarks, deeds, patents, negotiation documentation, real estate and insurance documents.


All products a business will launch to another target market will need not just translation, but also localization to suit the local audience. This can best be achieved by translating all promotional campaigns, product details and related content in the target language and ensuring that all the advertisements are localized while keeping the target audience in mind.

SME Translation

For all the technical details that will be a part of production department of the business, the business will require an SME (Subject Matter Expert) translator who will translate the content into the target language and make it accessible to the employees in the production department of the foreign branch.

Business Translation

This translation is required by the administration in the formulation of documents, gathering of statistics, business implementation strategies and all other content that outlines the business development of the office.

Website translation

Web Content

An international website is a great asset but when targeting a certain market; website translation is required in order to maximize its reach in the target market as people are more inclined to buy products if they are presented in their native language. Web content translation always turns out to be a major portion of the translation bulk as websites practically never stop growing.


All of this bulk means that translation bills for a business are incredibly high and they find themselves wondering how to lower their expenses. For this reason, they need to find a partner that could provide accurate document translation at the lowest possible rates.


This is where Universal Translation Services thinks that businesses fail to choose the best partner to go with. Translation agencies have a tendency to economize indirectly rather than directly.

If you will go out looking for the cheapest rates, you could run into a translation agency with terrible translators and what meager payment you will make to them could turn to be a waste of money.

Use Good Translation Agencies

Many business owners cringe at the thought of using good translation agencies because they are scared of the bill that they will need to pay in order to get all their work done. But the fact is, most translation agencies have various systems to decrease the price of the translation when they see the work that they have to deliver.

There are discounts that are offered to permanent customers, and discounts for bringing in more clients. A very regular discount mechanism is for a huge amount of translation content. The more content you would want to be translated, the more deductions they will offer you for content translation. This is because they need to retain you as a client themselves and they do not want to be unbearably expensive on your pocket. There are also various ways to save on your translation budget and among the best ones is the option to use translation memory tools which will increase consistency while decreasing costs.

So when you have a business project that will need a translation agency, you should contact the good ones and discuss your case. Universal Translation Services assures you, you will find that your total price was much cheaper than you expected and the results will far outweigh the costs.