5 Ways a Translation Company Could Grow Your Business

Every business has one primary shared goal: to grow your audience and client base. Once you’ve dominated your local area and branched out across the country, it’s time to look somewhere else. Many businesses will often get stuck here, as language barriers divert them away from branching out overseas. But, you shouldn’t let this stop you.

A large number of organisations find it excessively problematic, boring or costly to work with languages other than their own. In doing so, they are significantly restricting their revenue potential.

Thankfully, there are many solutions available to make use of and a large number of organisations have started to utilise the services of translation companies.

Business translator

Translation companies can translate your documents, your website and much more to ease the process and ultimately help your business to grow. There are a number of ways a translation company can enhance your business, the following are just 5 of them.

1. Get Documents Translated

When working in foreign markets, you’re going to be faced with a large number of documents that will be unreadable to you. Although you may be able to translate the odd word, you need to ensure it’s done correctly so no key details are missed or wrongly interpreted. Translation companies will have experts in multiple languages who will focus closely on the given task, so accuracy is guaranteed. Getting documents translated will lead the way to working with global clients. It will also prove to them that you’re dedicated to your business and are prepared to go the extra mile to work with them.

2. Get Ahead of the Competition

If you’re not already monitoring your competitors closely, you need to start doing so. Take a look at their website, have they gone global? Are they working in multiple languages? If they are, then this may be why they’re overpowering you, meaning it’s time to see how you can work with a translation company to go above them. If your competitors aren’t already doing this, then it’s your opportunity to make the first move. Consumers will be willing to pay for your goods or services if you’re offering something that’s scarcely done. If you’re the only person in your niche who’s willing to work with foreign clients, you’re going to stand out.

3. Strengthen Your Networks

Business isn’t just about growing your client base, but your network too. The adage “it’s not what you know, but who you know” has a lot of truth to it. If you make connections with experts in your niche, you’ll be opening your business up to greater opportunities. By working with unfamiliar languages, you’ll be able to reach out to those who you couldn’t have contacted before. A translation company will take care of any text for you, so you and your new partner/contact can work together collaboratively on new business ideas.

Website translation

4. Translation of Websites

Website translation is just one of the other key services that a translation company can offer to you. There’s no doubt that the internet has taken over the way we do business. Having a website for your business is vital. This is where your customers will find you, and where they will potential buy from you. Why limit that to one region? The internet is global. If you want to target that global market, you’re going to need a multi-lingual website. Website translators will take care of this for you.

5. Stop Missing Out

When we come across a piece of journalism, a quote, a speech or even a piece of music that’s in a foreign language, we often don’t think twice about it. But have you ever stopped to think about what it could be saying, and what you could be missing out on?

There are hundreds of thousands of foreign influencers who are sharing their knowledge and teachings with the world, and the only thing that’s restricting you from joining in on the conversation is yourself. Work with a translation company and become part of the conversation. You never know what information you could learn that could become an integral part of the way you conduct business.


Stop letting language be a barrier to success. Make the effort to go global by working with a translation company, and watch your business grow as a result.