The Al Fresco Assessment – Giving Your Cafe Experience a Caffeine Hit

“The cafe was dark and gloomy as George unlocked the door in the early morning light. Soon, it would be a rush of activity, with orders coming in. Sitting outside, so often he needed the coffee to boost him, just like it did his customers.”

Are you a cafe owner? You hope to bring joy to so many each day, even if it is just through their morning coffee.

However, how do you stand out from every other coffee shop on the corner? Are you a well-known name, or do you provide the finest grind?

Well, in this age of outdoor dining, here are some of the ways you can boost your customers’ overall experience.

Image Credit: Andreas Levers/Flickr

Stock professional supplies:

Melbourne is often an aroma of life, food and drink in itself, especially its cafes. Whether your cafe is looking for an upgrade or a point of difference from your competitor, stocking your business with individual and personalised supplies is a great way for your customers to get a boost to the experience.

From coffee cups to take away bags for a pastry, with company labelled cafe supplies, your customers will remember it much better and return to a name at which they experienced good service.

Expand outdoors:

We all know of the al fresco seating out the front of many cafes. If you have a space large enough to seat customers, expanding out back and adding some greenery and tables could help you in reaping some rewards.

It can bring a boost to the outdoor area, instead of using this area for the main rubbish and bin allotment, which can be a waste of space.

By taking in inspiration from competitors, you can get an idea of how creating larger and greener outdoor spaces can be a good thing, and bring the customer in for a bit of nature amongst a concrete jungle.

Those such as Urban List give an insight into what the competition is doing with their botany to boost the customer flow.

Getting the most out of your beans:

We all know the means behind excellent and lacklustre. When you’re part of so many people’s days, often their early mornings, you want them to keep coming back.

This can depend on your equipment, but also on what products you stock. Whether it is a strong short black or a milky flat white, you want regulars.

According to Funktion Hospitality, “if you aren’t getting crema…your beans may be too fresh…your beans haven’t had time to settle after roasting.”

While it may seem difficult in peak time, the reward in quality beans is that of a coffee your customer will enjoy and appreciate.

New Age marketing:

When it comes to keeping up with the customer demand, a firm grasp in the customer’s memory is important.

Online marketing can be the main priority and of course, social media is a large part of this. While it can seem intimidating if you’re new to the medium, but they can benefit in many ways.

According to, “it can reduce your marketing costs, and allow you to keep an eye on the competition…tread carefully and be aware of the pros and cons before you start.”

Now when it comes to giving your cafe and customers a lasting impression, you can get ahead by:

  • Stocking the perfect supplies.
  • Adding nature to your back area.
  • Letting your product rest.
  • Making an influence on your customer.

“George turned on the espresso machine and started the roasting process. The smell of fresh roasted beans filled the room. “Ah, the joys of my work.”