Retail Business Idea: Luxury Yoga Shop

Are you doing yoga, and would love to leverage your passion for yoga into something that holds monetary value? If you’re entrepreneurial, you might’ve thought about starting a yoga studio.  But that’s not the only thing to do for turning your passion into dollar. Yes, while that’s a sound business idea, have you thought about going into the niche retailing business, in this case, a luxury yoga shop?

Read on to learn more about this lucrative business model.

Yoga class in progress


Did you know that yoga pants are now more desirable than denim? Those are not only wanted by yogi or yoga enthusiasts; even people who don’t do yoga prefer those for their daily life’s fashion.  The growth of athletic clothing is a staggering 7 percent; compare that to the 1 percent growth of the general apparel sector.

And that’s only on yoga pants.  There are mats, tees, accessories, and many other items related to yoga – and all show similar trends. In fact, the whole yoga industry is the fourth fastest growing industry, with yogis spending 87 percent more over the last five years.

USP: Comfortability

Apparently, it is in the basic knowledge of every yogi that comfortability is essential for a practice session to be fruitful. The yoga session demands one to have composure on balance, flexibility, strength, focus and most importantly stretchy, fitted fabrics that wick away sweat. The comfortability ensures that you appear stronger and confident throughout the entire session, without any distraction.

Therefore, in any yoga shop, the presence of perfect outfits that satisfies the need for comfort is paramount. For instance, if it is women outfits, they should be designed by ladies who have the know-how of a perfect yoga outfit outlook. That is, the outfit should make a lady look beautiful and comfortable. Usually, these outfits are designed from an innovative technical material that puts into consideration the body morphology and classical outlook.

What to sell?

A good yoga shop provides a variety of yoga amenities that can be worn either inside or outside the yoga class depending on the yogi comfortability. This is because they are simple, elegant and beautifully made thus working naturally with the body during the yoga class. This means that when it comes to choosing the ideal yoga shop, you can’t afford to spare the expense.

Yoga incorporates a lot of hard work and movements in between a sequence of seating and standing poses. So, to sail through all these activities, the outfits you wear should favour your comfort.

Yoga mat

Let us look at some of the items you will find in a yoga shop:

  • Yoga bras- they provide excellent comfort by being super stylish and supportive.
  • Tops- they include both printed and plain. They match your pants and also cover all the necessary places.
  • Bottoms- they include yoga pants, leggings, and shorts that come in a variety of styles. Usually, they are made in a way that they offer maximum flexibility, light in weight and dry quickly. The leggings are designed in a way that they grab attention making them so lovable.
  • Yoga mats and nomad bags- there is a quite a range of stylish mats that are purposely designed for the yoga sessions. They are made from eco-friendly fabric, and they are easily washable using a machine.
  • Nomad bags- they are stylishly designed, and you can use them to carry the mats or other essentials you may need during the session
  • Stylish yoga jewellery and accessories that complements the stunning outfit.
  • Yoga tees
  • Props- they include the fancy yoga straps, balls, and blocks that are designed to offer support when stretching out.
  • Towel-it is non-slip and excellent absorbent that is made from microfiber that offers an amazing experience.
  • Wheels- they are designed in a way that you can easily do a backbend, loosen tight muscles and help you learn more moves.


One main advantage of a luxury yoga shop is that you will not only find the essentials meant for the yoga session but also other items of clothing that you can wear in your day to day activities. You can order the luxurious essentials on the online platform and enjoy the yoga experience. Be a smart yogi by purchasing your essentials from a luxury yoga shop.