7 Tips to Start an SEO Consulting Business

If you have been working in the SEO industry for a long time, then offering your service as a consultant will be more profitable rather than a 9-5 job. The rates of any expert SEO consultant are higher than any service in the world.

How so? It’s quite simple: There’s a strong demand on SEO services.

Businesses today want to be noticed on Google, and most of the time they fail to reach the first place in the SERPs due to lack of information about Google’s algorithm and the information their bots are looking for in order to rank sites.

SEO consulting business

If you keep up on Google’s updates then giving your clients the positive results will not be a difficult task. The other concern is that you don’t know how to start your consulting business. For that, I’ve put 7 awesome tips together for you.

1. Become an SEO Guru

You better work for at least 12 months providing White Label SEO solutions through your employer before starting your own business. Listed here are different ways you can improve your skills. Attend group meetings, such as Pubcon, MozCon, and SEMPDX. Workshops at most of these and other online marketing conventions will certainly update you on new information about the industry, such as changes in Google search algorithms.

2. Improve Your Own Sites

Rather than working for your employer who guarantees SEO results, you should create your own sites, or family and friend’s sites. Test out your SEO expertise on several types of sites, if you can.

3. Write an eBook Or Blog

This will help later during the advertising and marketing process, but it’ll also motivate you to learn and research more about Search engine optimisation on a regular basis.

4. Take A Couple of Business Courses

You might have a degree in advertising or marketing, and plenty of advertising experience. Still, you’ll need many niche skills to run your own SEO consultant company. Take courses on tax preparations, bookkeeping, business and financial planning to give your consulting business a higher possibility of success.

how to become an seo expert

5. Create Your Brand Identity

Come up with a brand, description, and logo that can be used to promote your SEO consultant company on the Internet on and offline. Find competitors and opt for something authentic that determines you as an online marketing professional.

6. Submit your company documents to ensure your consulting company is legal.

You will have to file for incorporation or as a partnership, if applicable, plus a “doing business as” document and other types required in your county or city.

7. Create Advertising Materials

The following things should be designed to improve the chances of success.

  • Make Investments in Your Site: It must be smartly designed, have unique content and show off a variety of skills you can offer. This is actually the starting point most people will look for in your business, so invest some time and money on its improvement.
  • Create Your Business Cards: Give your cards to local companies as you network in the community. Use the logo on some other materials, such as invoices and the company letterhead.
  • Make A List of Services You Offer: You have to be in a position to focus on several different types of businesses, so make sure you can offer consulting solutions by the project or hour to recommend to clients.
  • Set the Price of Your Services: The majority of new consultants price their professional services too low and find it tough to make increases with existing clients. Pricing the services at a higher level can help you get orders from bigger fish who understand “you get what you pay for.

Following these 7 tips will surely get you closer to your goals of becoming a full time SEO consultant faster, and with less hiccups costing you money and business.