Lead Generation with Vanity Numbers: Do Those Still Work?

To stay ahead of today’s competition, every company needs to focus on making the right moves for their organizations. As a general rule, however, to plan the company’s goals and objectives effectively, certain things must be in order, especially when it comes to having access to the proper resources.

Resources for some business ventures can even be endless. On the other hand, when you are considering using solutions that will take your marketing plans to a new level, you may want to utilize a not-that-new-but-still-innovative concept like Vanity Numbers.

Pizza shop using vanity phone number
The 2-4-1 vanity phone number is used to promote the pizza shop’s “buy two for the price of one” – photo credit: Decimal10 / Wikipedia

Vanity numbers are typically used not only for branding, but also for lead generation purpose.  Since those are memorable, people tend to remember those and eventually call those number.  Due to the effectiveness, many businesses use those numbers for getting in touch with significant numbers of prospective customers. Indeed, it’s becoming a staple in virtually any type of marketing strategy.

Reasons Why Vanity Numbers are used in Lead Generation

Vanity numbers are known for having their own unique and distinct recall value. This is because it is made up of the acronym of the company, the company’s name, product description, and the product’s name. So, if you want to know the recall value of a specific company, you can easily identify other related information about them including the product information. With this distinct number, marketing teams can begin to effectively generate more customer leads and it can be done without having spent a lot of extra expenses to make up the differences.

Also, based on information that has been published by various independent researchers, a vanity number is a proven method of increasing the response rates to your ad campaigns. Based on these studies, if you join in with your business, you can expect an increase in rates by as much as 30% or more. In fact, the prospects for cashing in on this type of solution is easy and open to individual and companies all over the U.S. Especially, when the marketing team creates their numbers and can start identifying their customer preferences.

Furthermore, when a business utilizes vanity numbers, they are likely to receive more calls for requests than regular phone numbers. The calls that these businesses receive can lead to a wide variety of opportunities including helping to solidify the reputation and brand of the business.

Lead Generation and Vanity Numbers — Effects on Marketing

Similar to using toll-free numbers to find information, vanity numbers tend to get many more requests for customer services. For instance, consumers are much more likely to call these numbers for product details, quotes for a product, and special offers that the business is offering and a host of other useful information that they are interested in. This is normally because vanity numbers are very easy to remember. Therefore, a successful Vanity Number campaign can make your marketing campaign much more successful. For instance, when the marketing team deploys this type of campaign effectively, they will naturally have access to a huge databank of customer leads.

Having said that, when a business wants to advertise their business, they may choose to use their vanity numbers in their promotions. For instance, the vanity number of the business is provided to consumers on radio ads, TV ads, newspapers, the Internet and people can even give them by word of mouth. This number opens up a huge chance to get more leads easily.

To Sum it All up…

In summary, whenever your company is looking to make a profit and increase your sales among prospective customers, it is important you implement an effective marketing campaign. With tools like vanity numbers, the business can begin to do just that. Because these numbers are often easy to remember, they can receive the high level of attention that they prefer to get. As a result of these changes being made in virtually any business, the marketing team will be able to track customer choices and their preferences too.