DaoCloud: Social Media Meets Health And Wellness

Social media has truly changed the world. Not only has it brought people closer, letting them share content quickly and easily, it’s also offered new solutions to old problems. Take healthcare for example. Previously, you would have had to ask around for health advice, but now you can simply go online and get help from professionals. DaoCloud is one such website, offering a brilliant solution to a regular problem.

How DaoCloud is Changing How We Access Healthcare

Regular healthcare websites are static. They offer up written content by anonymous posters who may or may not have experience in proper healthcare. DaoCloud takes the opposite approach by connecting users with holistic practitioners and advisors. The experience is more dynamic, with people offering up the best advice regarding wellness, medicine, workouts, and anything related to human health under the sun.

The website is also designed from the ground up for human wellness. It offers comprehensive, organized information on health issues and offers users access to holistic healthcare practitioners, such as acupuncturists and chiropractors. It is designed like a social network, so there is simply no limit on the amount of interaction users can have with professional healthcare providers. Users also have the option of researching various lifestyle choices that will help improve their health.

What Type of Info Can I Find on DaoCloud?

Since it is built like a social network, there is simply no limit on the type of information you can find on it. Let’s say you have a problem with bruxism (teeth grinding): just look it up on DaoCloud! You will find lots of information, posts, and discussions between users and professionals on the issue.

From physical problems like Alzheimer’s Disease and yeast infection to psychological issues like separation anxiety and bipolar disorder, DaoCloud offers it all. They have an A-Z wellness encyclopedia that covers every topic imaginable. It does not stop there either: they have content on healthy lifestyle choices too if you want to take back control of your health.


The Man Behind DaoCloud

DaoCloud is the brainchild of Max Coleman. He came up with the concept of the site because of personal experience. Coleman used to have a variety of health problems during his teenage years. Unfortunately, healthcare information was more difficult to come across at the time, which resulted in him educating himself online and coming up with solutions himself.

Max Coleman DaoCloud
Max Coleman – photo credit: Twitter

In an interview, he notes that if he was better guided, he could have been cured in five months instead of five years. He designed DaoCloud so that others do not have to suffer like him.

Coleman is based in San Francisco now and is interested in bitcoin and crypto. While crypto and DaoCloud do not intersect, he notes that he is in the wellness market for the long term, developing a community and tools for users to keep better track of their health. He plans on building an artificial intelligence health coach soon.

Signing Up for DaoCloud

The best and easiest way to sign up is to visit DaoCloud.com. Registration is super easy: all you have to do is provide your email address and create a custom password. An even easier method is to simply use your Facebook or Google ID; just one click is all you need.

Best part? It is completely, one hundred percent free to use!