6 Applications of Blockchain That Can Help Your Small Business

In today’s world of entrepreneurs, small businesses are more common than they ever were in the past. New ideas, the emergence of the internet and endless possibilities all contribute collectively to this rise in commercial expansion. The blockchain technology, in particular, is a fairly new concept. Furthermore, digital currencies, which are, in all ways, more secure than regular banknotes have been preferred by organizations and units of all kinds.

If you have any remote interest in this new age of transactions or own a small business, we will connect the dots for you in this article on applications of blockchain that can help your small business.

Bitcoin - blockchain technology application

1. Payments and Easy Transfer of Funds

The most appreciated use of blockchain or cryptocurrency is the easy transfer and management of transactions. With more and more people preferring to pay in cryptocurrency, this is also a wonderful way to expand your business options. With blockchain, you can also potentially reduce the paperwork involved in a transaction, thus empowering the system of efficiency in money-based exchanges.

2. Notarizing Work

You could use blockchain as an inexpensive notary service. Using this technology and with the emergence of dedicated apps to assist the process, it is now possible to notarize documents right from your smartphone or device. Say goodbye to unnecessary efforts as you notarize the proof of ownership of all your digital transactions. Understanding Bitcoin is important to make this happen.

3. Networking and Internet of Things

A new joint venture between IBM and Samsung is allowing a ledger for the management of networks using blockchain as a technology. This is possible because blockchain does not have a certain centralized control over all of its data, but rather, a large number of devices all store information. This makes it difficult to hack and manipulate data, and blockchain eventually becomes one of the safest methods of networking.

4. Improving the Customer Experience

To improve the customer experience, it is necessary to be updated and in form with your firm’s capabilities. Blockchain is a technology that not only assists in keeping all transactions secure, but also allows a great deal of transparency. Blockchain has already managed to capture the attention of large firms dealing in software. It is, without much doubt, the next probable generation of currency. It is widely accepted already and the numbers are on an exponential rise.

5. A Strong Digital Identity

The benefit with blockchain based transactions is that it assists in keeping total transparency in the process of transactions. If a suspicious transaction occurs, it is easy to backtrack and locate the source. A strong digital identity can be maintained and this aids the process of gathering trust.

Using blockchain apps

6. As Gift Cards and For Employees

Have you considered using blockchain to gift your employees for their performance? It is totally possible with mechanisms which allow securely transferred gift cards to be sent through the public ledger to a certain employee or network. You could also use this vital technology as retirement gifts for your staff as they retire.


As you see, blockchain can be extremely useful for your organization. In the field of transactions, to establishing your firm as a modern, digitally identifiable one, there are good reasons to start using this technology in your work and daily business. It helps you manage your work better, enhancing client experience and allowing you to better your standards each day.

Using cryptocurrency, however, comes with its own precautions. You must be aware of market fluctuations and differences in the value of trade. You must additionally ensure that your staff is well versed with the entire process as the entire procedure is new and unlike any they have worked with before.